1. About Wayne 


About Wayne

Wayne Graham was born in Sacramento, California in 1947, and had colon and skin cancer around 1990.

His father insisted Wayne seek alternative therapy. We all started looking immediately for information and found that colon cancer had a nasty history of killing middle aged men.


We took the information we could get and all started making diet and lifestyle changes. It was fun to go through this with him and we were all enjoying detoxifying from the modern yet foolish way we had been living.


Everyone enjoyed meeting new people at the health food stores and asking questions for our friend. Wayne led the way and introduced us to everyone he met.


Buying organic vegetables, grains and herbs became a habit and we were surprised at how many stores were around. When we were out and needed to eat we would time errands and meetings with one another around showing up at a health food store.


A Juicer was now at his house thanks to Gerson's books. A trip to Mexico was planned and then hurriedly taken; the pain, and his cancer were getting worse.


Finding out that detoxifying his body while sick with cancer could make him even more weak and sickly was discouraging. The trip to Mexico was a good lesson on what 


Wayne had been missing out on - Information!

People from all over the world were there. Some of them had been through life threatening disease crises more than once, and some of them were healthy and just there to enjoy the environment while helping take care of their spouses or friends. Everyone shared with him the names and stories of international research and people helping with pieces of the cancer puzzle. They had picked up much through years of travel.


The level of information changed. This information on cancer and health is in the main body of this work. Wayne worked very hard to keep all of his studies together so that others might help themselves with it.


And, yes, that's a picture of Wayne fishing, healthy, happy, and cancer free.








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