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Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade


Caution: Do not take hydrogen peroxide by mouth. 


Dr. Donsbach is a world known doctor because of his high success rates with curing cancer. At the Santa Monica Hospital in Mexico, Dr. Donsbach uses hydrogen peroxide on all his cancer patients. Because it aids one of the properties that kills cancer.  He states, "that oxygen inhibits and eventually kills the cancer". 



Every time Nobel Prizewinner  lowered the oxygen level in a healthy it became cancerous. 



Research show that the body’s immune system uses hydrogen peroxide and injects it into cancer cells to kill the cancer.



Years ago while on the deathbed the hydrogen peroxide formula was used on my skin,daily, for about 2 weeks and after several years of battling for my life I finally started getting better.    



"Oxygenation through deep breathing boosts the immune system and can rid the body of chronic illnesses."
--Dr. Sheldon Hendler, MD, Medical Researcher Cell Oxygenation, Author "The Oxygen Breakthrough"



"When you breathe and take in oxygen, the fat molecules are combined with the additional oxygen atoms causing oxidation. The products are carbon dioxide and water."
--A. Carlson, et.al. The Machinery of the Body, University of Chicago Press, p. 361


Twenty minutes a day of deep breathing exercises clearly, dramatically escalates athletic performance and is the single most important factor in the effectiveness of all exercise."
--US Olympic Training Committee



"Deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect which pulls the lymph through the bloodstream. This increases the rate of toxic elimination by as much as 15 times the normal rate."
--Dr. J.W. Shields, MD, Lymph, lymph glands, and homeostasis. Lymphology, v25, n4, Dec. 1992, p. 147



"Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system. We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all diseases."
--Stephen Levine, a respected molecular biologist and geneticist, and Dr. Paris M. Kidd, Ph.D., Antioxidant Adaptation



As in all cellular combustion, oxidative enzymes are required as catalysts in this process.  



"The human body is designed to discharge around 70 percent of its toxins through breathing. Only a small percentage of toxins are discharged through sweat, defecation, and urination. If your breathing is not operating at peak efficiency, you are not ridding yourself of toxins properly. If less than 70 percent of your toxins are being released through breathing, other systems of your body, such as your kidneys, must work overtime. This overwork can set the stage for a number of illnesses."


"People who need to lose weight don't take in enough oxygen.  Someone with a weight problem also has a breathing problem. I have seen hundreds of people start a daily breathing routine and lose weight."
(From the book "Conscious Breathing," by Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.)




“Hydroxyl radicals are the most dangerous of all of the free radicals. They are formed when super oxide and hydrogen peroxide react together. They are extremely reactive and will attack any molecule around them”. 

Taken from “Antioxidants Made Simple” 

by Dr. Bruce B. Miller




Antioxidants should be taken if hydrogen peroxide formula is going to be used successfully and applied to the skin.  





               Handle Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

                with great care


Livestock producers who treat water with  industrial strength hydrogen peroxide should handle the hydrogen with great care and need to be aware of the substantial risk involved in handling and using hydrogen peroxide.


Industrial strength hydrogen peroxide can cause blindness, burns, etc.  

Industrial strength hydrogen peroxide can cause blindness, burns, lung damage, and other problems if it is not properly handled.  Spills in large amounts can cause fires and explosions.    

Avoid inhaling hydrogen peroxide fumes.  If inhaled, get to fresh air, if hydrogen peroxide is swallowed, don’t induce vomiting.  Drink large amounts of water and contact a doctor immediately.    

Avoid spilling.  Drying of hydrogen peroxide on clothing or combustible materials such as hay, straw or feed may cause fire.  Avoid contamination of hydrogen peroxide.  Keep the lid on the container. Contamination by metals, dust and organic materials may cause an explosion.    


1.   Leave the 35% Hydrogen Peroxide in the original marked container.  

2.   35% cannot be put into a glass bottle that is tightly sealed as it can explode due to the build up in pressure.

3.   Avoid heat as this breaks down the peroxide.  Can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator only if well marked. Personally, I marked the H2O2 bottle well as poison and store it in the rear of the freezer.

4.   35% must be diluted before use.  Normally use distilled water when diluting this product.

5.   If any spill occurs dilute with water immediately.  Rinse skin and clothing thoroughly.

6.   Avoid any contact with eyes.  Wear splash goggles.  Can cause blindness even at low concentration.

7.   Avoid any contact with organic materials such as wood, leather, rubber, straw or leaves.  Also metals.  Spontaneous combustion can result as the water evaporates and the percentage increases



Treat 35% Hydrogen Peroxide with a great deal of respect.  Product CODE 3473048.  Classified as a hazardous material.  UN2014  

In an old version of “Hydrogen Peroxide” by Dr. Kurt W. Donsbach mentions using up to a maximum 160 drops intravenously of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide daily into his cancer patients.   

Around that time Conrad LeBeau of Keep Hope Alive had told me about mixing the hydrogen peroxide with Aloe Vera Gel.   


Other forms of oxygen that are excellent to use



           Somewhere I read that the absorption rate of skin is around 60%. So when I was real sick, I would use almost a tablespoon full of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (200 drops) mix thoroughly with about 7 to 10 ounces (or more) of Aloe Vera Gel and apply it to the skin.  The gel helped it stick to the skin. Rinse the hands after one has complete applying to skin. There is 240 drops to a tablespoon.     Note: Take   Antioxidants when using  Hydrogen peroxide.


          At this time I had the formula but wasn’t sure about using hydrogen peroxide? Around this time I found a book called the “Progress Report No. 5” by Rev. Richard Willhelm.


The book mentions that H2O2 is in rainwater, raw unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, grasses, and especially wild plants and herbs, mammal and fish livers, and interestingly enough, mother's milk, especially colostrums. 


A natural source of great H2O2 concentration is the renowned healing waters of Lourdes, France. It mentioned that the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes appeared to Bernadette and told her to dig in the rock on the banks of the Pau River and immediately a miraculous spring sprung forth and she told her to “drink the water and bathe in it”. Since then, many of the sick have came to bathe and drank the water and were healed.



From the book, “So this is our contention that over and above the purely miraculous super natural powers of the water of Lourdes is also a natural healing power of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide. Since this message was not just meant for little Bernadette but for all of Our Lady’s children throughout the world, maybe the deep secret of Lourdes is to “Drink the water and bathe in it” for with hydrogen peroxide.



Rev. Willhelm did testing and found the water contains high amounts of H2O2, germanium, high magnetic field and is a cluster water source. Realize that high amounts of hydrogen peroxide are probably around .25% or a quarter of a percent. 



By this time in my life I didn’t understand what H2O2 was but I had the faith to use it. I would mix my daily allotted amount of 200 drops (almost a tablespoon of 35% food grade H2O2) mix with 7 ounces of Aloe Vera Gel and would applied it to my legs, stomach, arms, butt and back a few times a day. I would keep this solution away from tender spots and away from the head and would try not to breathe it.



After continually becoming sicker over a period of several years and 3 trips into Mexico for help, I finally prayed for death because my sickness and pain advanced so bad that I was existing from moment to moment. My pH was around 4.2 which is more than a thousand times more acidic than normal. I believe most people die before reaching a pH reading like this. Jim LeBeau of the Perfect Health Foundation had to send me special pH test paper and it would hardly show the 4.2 reading. 



I didn't want to be bothered by anyone and I moved my bed out under a oak tree, lived in a pair of shorts, fasted on raw juices for 7 days, would applied a H2O2 formula and bounce on a trampoline in the shade of oak trees or, while practicing breathing exercises and used a magnet. My dad mentioned I was going to die if I didn't eat and I told him I was probably going to die anyway. I was on this death bed with a pH around 4.2 and my weight was around 145 lbs which was 20 under my high school weight. Sometime my strength would let me exercise for a few minutes and other times I was strong enough to exercise for 45 minutes at a good rate. I always kept the north side of a 1000 gauss magnet over the pain area - day and night except when I took a shower. 


Maybe you had better read the above paragraph again and understand what I was actually saying. I just cover some of the most important reasons why I survived. Raising my oxygen & hydrogen levels, moving the lymphatic system to remove acidic poisons, Vitamin D to allow calcium absorption, wheat grass to neutralize acidic poisons and doing deep breathing to increase the rate the carbon dioxide acid was being discharged from my body. 


After getting up I would drink a liter of water or a couple glasses of just pressed carrot juice. After the fast about 30 minutes before eating I would drink about 12 to 14 ounces of water. Then about 15 minutes before the meal, enzymes in capsules were taken with more water. Then before eating I would take hydrochloric acid capsules, 10,000 UI of Vitamin-D capsules, calcium w/boron, liver supplements and colstrum. A lot of meals would consist of 1 or 2 large bulbs of garlic and cooked millet per day. I ate so much garlic with the millet that it would burn my mouth. Used Barlean's Organic Oils and Paul Braggs Liquid Aminos over the garlic and millet. Other meals were in consideration of calcium or Vitamin B-17. I ate canned sardines w/bones, canned salmon w/bones, maybe a can of olives with garlic in each olive or green peas, lima beans, butter beans, were also eaten. A variety of vegetable and fruits were juiced or eaten, too. Was going through 25 lbs of carrot ever 2 weeks and my hands were turning orange. I remember doing around 3 ounces of total toddy daily, 3 tablespoons of Barlean's Flax Seed Oil,  Vitamin-A, a combination of sprouts, when I consumed oral OXY + PLUS I would lower the amount of H2O2 I would put on my skin, germanium power daily, distilled water (added north side magnet, 2 bags coral calcium per gallon, clustered water, H202) around 2 ounces of wheat grass juice in the front and back end, 1 or 2 coffee enemas when the pain or my mind became unbearable and kept a 1000 gauss magnet over the pain all the time except when I was strong enough to take a shower.  Hot & cold showers (5 minutes each for 20 to 30 minutes) using a shower filter.




Important Issues With Cancer


Research shows that shallow breathers are the ones that get cancer most often. And research links fat with cancer because its acidic properties lower the body's cellular pH and oxygen level. 


Cancer needs a acidiclow oxygen (unnatural sick body) environment to survive. 


Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system. We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of all diseases."
--Stephen Levine, a respected molecular biologist and geneticist, and Dr. Paris M. Kidd, Ph.D., Antioxidant Adaptation


Deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect which pulls the lymph through the bloodstream. This increases the rate of toxic elimination by as much as 15 times the normal rate."
--Dr. J.W. Shields, MD, Lymph, lymph glands, and homeostasis. Lymphology, v25, n4, Dec. 1992, p. 147


Fat leaves your body through carbon dioxide.

Fat does not dissolve with "magic" pills or drinks and come out in your urine. It does not melt away into sweat under neoprene shorts or waist belts. It does not disappear by smearing creams on your thighs or lounging in vibrator belts. And it does not disappear through wishful thinking.

Fat leaves your body through carbon dioxide! This is not just a premise. This is a physiological FACT.

When you breathe and take in oxygen, your fat molecules are combined with oxygen atoms, causing oxidation. The main product is carbon dioxide. In fact, carbon dioxide is the most abundant of all the end-products of metabolism. It is more abundant than waste eliminated through urine, bowels, and perspiration!

If you limit your breathing, your body will not be able to eliminate acidic properties properly. Your body will store the acidic toxins of fat which in turn lowers your cellular pH into an the environment cancer needs to survive.  Not fully using the oxygen available to us has created the largest acidic toxic "waist" dump in our country. And the incident of cancer is still increasing and being treated with chemotherapy. 


Dr. Donsbach mentions that the oxygen level on earth use to be around 36%. And it is now around 17%. 


Practice breathing by holding your breathe or learn to oxycise professionally could possible save your life. 

Think this is a bunch of bunk. Maybe you shouldn't be so fast to judge without learning the actual facts for yourself. It comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee if you prove it wrong. 


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Germanium is a trace element (mineral), which promotes cell oxygen absorption.


Some chapters from the book 

GERMANIUM-The Missing Element

David M. Grace, B.S., D.C. & Karen Karvonen, M.F.A.


Many of us regularly supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals. However, germanium is one naturally occurring trace mineral, which you will not find on your label. Not because it isn't safe. The organic form, Germanium-132, has never exhibited any toxic side effects. And not because it hasn't been shown to play an important role in keeping you well. 



In fact, dozens of scientific studies have shown that germanium appears to have a wide range of health benefits which include helping to boost the immune system, normalize high blood pressure and cholesterol, protect the body against harmful cellular aberrations and abuse, providing some pain relief, alleviate rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and generally nor­malize physiological functions.



Digging further into published medical reports on the substance, we learn that many researchers believe that germanium exhibits a remarkable ability to stimulate the immune system in cancer patients as well as healthy individuals. In experiment after experiment, Japanese and American scientists have evidence, which suggests that germanium activates the body’s own defenses.



 Asai, who worked for the Coal Research Institute was intrigued by the high concentrations of germanium in coal. Since coal is composed of fossilized plants, Asai theorized that germa­nium must be present in plants. He discovered that the highest concentrations of germanium were found in those plants used for medicinal purposes including ginseng, shittake mushrooms, aloe vera, comfrey and garlic. Shelf fungus, a substance highly regarded by the Russians for centuries in the treatment against cancer, had the highest levels. An analysis of the healing waters of Lourdes, France also revealed significant quantities of germanium.



Germanium's Energizing Qualities  

How does germanium produce such widespread benefits?  The key is that germanium works on the body’s most basic level - the cellular level.  The cumulative evidence suggest that germanium enhances the cell’s ability to generate energy by raising the cell’s oxygen supply.



 Germanium appears to significantly enhance the body's production of interferon. At the annual meeting of the Japan Cancer Association II in 1979, proceedings showed that germanium was a significant interferon-inducing agent. Studies published in the 1984 Journals of Interferon Research 4 confirmed these results.



 Germanium and Cancer

  Not surprisingly, many cancer patients are immuno-deficient. Preliminary research suggests that germanium appears to exhibit an ability to help normalize the body's defenses in cancer patients.



A report by Fuijio Suzuki and Richard Pollard in The Journal of Interferon Research (]984) states that, studies in im­muno suppressed animals and patients with malignancies (cancer) or rheumatoid arthritis, suggest that Ge- 132 restores the normal function of T cells, B lymphocytes and anti-body forming cells."



In a report given at the International Symposium at Osaka in July of 1981, Japanese doctors observed that Ge-132 normalized activity in immune cells such as T lymphocytes and NK cells and increased interferon production in seven cancer patients. The doc­tors concluded that Ge-132 had increased the patient's resistance in both malignancies and rheumatic disorders. According to this study, one patient's abdomen cancer disappeared after 16 months of Ge­132 treatment and intermittent therapy with a chemotherapy agent. Another patient's post operative condition was controlled well on Ge-132 alone.



A member of researchers including Otto Warburg, a Nobel prize winner, believe the prime cause of cancer is oxygen depriva­tion in the cell. While aerobic (oxygen-using) cells exhibit regular controlled growth patterns, anaerobic (oxygen-deprived) cells show abnormal growth. Otto Warburg won 2 Nobel Prizes taking healthy cells of 49 animal species and lowered the oxygen level within those cells and the cells became cancerous every time. By raising the oxygen level in those cancerous cells, they died. 



According to a Dutch researcher, Dr. Schuitemaker, "It (germanium) is involved as a catalyst in the supply of oxygen to oxygen poor tissue, such as cancerous growths. . . It lessens the per oxidation of fatty acids, thus establishing the role of germanium in free radical pathology." Free radicals are highly reactive molecules which reduce the cell's oxygen supply. When free radicals abound, tissue injury and disease states such as cancer can occur.



Source for:

Germanium Ge-132 Organic 


I order 10 Grams at a time in bulk. When problems seem to call for Germanium, I take about 1/8th of a teaspoon daily which is equal to approximately 333 mg. 

And I have known people with serious health problems to take up to 1 gram a day. 


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“Hydrogen Peroxide” by Dr. Kurt Donsbach

About Dr. Donsbach · Newsletter Archive ... Kurt W. Donsbach, D.C., N.D., Ph.D. is a doctor, educator, scientist, author, lecturer and consultant. ...

“Progress Report No. 5” by Rev. Richard Willhelm.

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