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Wearing Power Wafers for Treatment Techniques

Power Wafers are easy to wear by placing one Power Wafer next to the skin inside a piece of clothing and a second one on the outside of the clothing t magnetically secure it in place. 


Or  simply place the Power Wafer in the desired location and secure with a wide adhesive strip or tape. For treatment that calls for a 2-Stack of Power Wafers, place the first Power Wafer against the skin. Secure with an adhesive strip. Place a second Power Wafer on top of the adhesive strip to magnetically hold both Biomagnets in place. Apply a second adhesive strip cross-wise over the second Power Wafer. This will give you a 2-Stack of Power Wafers which will help speed healing. (See illustration below) 





Recharging the Human Battery - Consider what happens when the battery in your car is low - the lights dim, the horn doesn't work, and the circuits go into a weakened disorder. This is what happens to your body's condition when your human battery wears down. Scientifically, this is known as MDS (Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome) and is accompanied with feeling poorly and a gradual dysfunction of gland, organ and cellular tissue. Over a prolonged period, it can result in an impairment to the immune system causing incomplete healing, disease or overall poor health.


Proper use of MAGNETIZER Power Wafers simply puts the correct charge back into the body so that the body has the highest healing energy possible. The body is then able to repair itself quickly. The Human Battery is energized, thereby reversing the Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.


To increase Vitality and remedy MDS - Place a 2-Stack of Power Wafers (-) green side facing the sternum (breastbone). Men - Place one inside your shirt and one on the outside to hold the inner one in place. Women - Place one inside the front center of your brassiere and one don the outside to magnetically hold the inner one in place or on the inside and outside of your blouse.


Sternum or Breastbone Placement. This treatment placement is used for health maintenance and general vitality. The sternum is the bone indentation located at the middle of the chest. The heart resides behind it. All blood in circulated through the heart therefore the energy quickly goes throughout the body.


IMPORTANT HEART WARNING - Persons with a heart condition, wearing a Pacemaker or defribrillator should not place a magnet directly over the heart area. Instead Biomagnets can be worn safely on the CVS, at the back of the neck.


CVS Placement stand for Cerebral Vestibular System. It is part of the central nervous system that conducts neural impulses from the brain to the body and visa versa. Placement location is the back of the neck. When treatment calls for CVS placement simply apply the 2-stack Power Wafers, (-) green side toward the back of the neck. They can be worn secured in place with an adhesive strip or worn on the inside and outside of the collar of clothing as described above.


TERM: (Vitality & MDS) - Most people wear them for weeks at first. Then one morning you will feel as if you don't want or need to wear them, so don't wear them. You will find, remarkably, that your body instinctively knows when you need to recharge you human battery. Then within several days, you wake up and instinctively put them on.



When pain exist - simply place the (-) side of the 2-Stack Power Wafer against the skin at the pain location. Secure with an adhesive strip or war on clothing as described above.


When swelling exist - place the (-) green side of 2-stack Power Wafer 3" away from the inflamed area in the direction toward the heart. This will pull the fluid from the swollen area and accelerate the healing process.


TERM: (Pain and/or Swelling) wear daily until the pain stops. Remove the Biomagnets at night. Normally, the pain stops within 4-6 hours. Continue to wear the Power Wafers for 5-15 days for full healing.


Carpal Tunnel - See Carpal Tunnel under Proper Polarity Placement on other side.


Acid Indigestion - Place the (+) red side 2-stack Power Wafers on the stomach for 2-10 minutes.


Headache - for quick headache relief, tape the 2-stack Power Wafers on the forehead, (-) green side against the forehead.


Headache due to sinus pressure - tape one (1) Power Wafer, (-) green side against the skin on both sides of the nose.


Migraine Headache -tape one (1) Power Wafer, (-) green side against the skin on both sides of the upper area at the back of the neck.


TERM: (Headaches - All Above)  wear daily until pain is relieved. Remove Power Wafers at night. Persons with chronic migraines due to injury, allergies, toxins or disc degeneration may need to utilize the Meridian Energizing Treatment. (See Meridian Panel on other side)


Pain Due to Sports Injury - place the 2-Stack of Power Wafers, (-) green side against the skin at the location of the pain. If swelling occurs, move the Biomagnets 2-3" away from swollen area, in the direction toward the heart.

          After swelling recedes, move the Biomagnets to their original position. If necessary, use a wrap-around type bandage for support.

          TERM: (Sport Injury) depending on the type of injury, wear until the pain stops. Use for 5-15 days or longer if needed. Remember to remove the Power Wafers at night.


Toothache - place a 2-Stack of Power Wafers (-) green side facing the cheek over the affected area for several days. It has been noted that taking a calcium supplement with Biomagnets may help t re-calcify a cavity.

TERM: (Toothache) until relieved


Back Pain - This is the exception to the rule. Instead of the Negative (-) green side, place a 2-Stack of Power Wafers Positive (+) red side toward the skin over the spine. In this case, patients usually place one Power Wafer inside their underwear (+) red side toward the spine and one on the outside to magnetically hold the inner one in place. IT IS 


IMPORTANT to use the other 2-Stack of Power Wafers (-) location during this treatment to insure a proper Negative charge throughout the body while using this Positive treatment on the back.


TERM: (Back Pain) Wear daily until the pain has been relieved.

 Advanced Treatment For Back Pain & Sciatica Response (hot nerve flashes in the leg - will require additional power wafers 2-Stack (+) red side on spine, one Power Wafer Negative (-) green side 3 inches to both left and right of 2-Stack Positive on spine. Place one (-) green side on inside of arch on right foot and one on top of left foot.


TERM: Wear approximately 3-5 days, then remove the Positive spine and Negative foot BioMagnets. Continue wearing the left and right back Negatives. If the pain returns replace the Positive and the Negative food locations.





Understanding The Scientific Placement


The terminals of the battery in your car have specific positive and negative polaries, and so do your arms, hands, legs and feet. Just as you prevent a short circuit by placing the cables on the proper terminals, it is essential to place the Negative (green) side BioMagnets on the negative polarity area of the limbs and extremities for quick and proper relief. This is known as proper Polarity Placement. 


The following diagrams and examples illustrate the proper, and effective BioMagnet placement. 


Example: Carpal Tunnel Treatment - On the right arm (Fig.1) the Negative side (green) of the 2-Stack is placed on the outside (top) of the wrist. On the left are (Fig.2) place the Negative 2-Stack on the palm side (bottom) of the wrist. 


Fig. 1 

Right Arm 

Fig. 2 

Left Arm


Example: Tendonitis or Elbow Pain - On the right arm (Fig.1) place a Negative 2-Stack on the outside of the arm. On the left arm (Fig.2) place the Negative 2-Stack on the  inside of the arm. 


IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The 2-Stack Power Wafers are designed to penetrate fully through to the other side of the arm or leg for a complete treatment. 




This information is not intended to discourage anyone from seeking appropriate medical help for their medical condition from a qualified health provider. 




Fig. 3

Right Leg

Fig. 4 

Left Leg


Example: Knee/Ankle/Leg Treatment - On the right leg (Fig.3) place the Negative 2-Stack on the back  of the leg - the 2-Stack will fully penetrate to the front of the leg. On the left leg (Fig.4) place the 2-Stack on the front of the knee/ankle/leg - the 2-Stack will fully penetrate to the back of the leg. 




Example: Hands or Feet Pain Treatment: Only one Power Wafer is required for treatment. On Right Hand (Fig.5) or the Left Foot (Fig.8) place the Negative Power Wafer on the top. On the left Hand (Fig.6) or the right hand (Fig.7) place the negative Power Wafer on the palm side of hand or the under side of foot (arch location is good).

Fig. 5 Right Hand

Fig. 6 Left Hand



Fig.7 Right Foot

Fig. 8 Left Foot


For the first time, proper scientific BioMagnet placement techniques have been coupled wit a full, comprehensive understanding of the electromagnetic physics of the body. The Magnetizer Scientific Research Institute, its BioMagnetic Laboratories, and their associated medical institutions worldwide have researched and defined these techniques to assure fast and optimum results. 


Practitioners and individual users who have followed these scientific techniques carefully have shown excellent and rapid results. 




Send For The MAGNETIZER Biomagnetic Wellness Kit For: Illness, Disease, Severe Trauma, Broken Bones, Cartilage Injury, Lupus, etc. 



(NOTE: MAGNETIZER Wellness Kit Required) 



Use Super 



STERNUM Placement (2-Stack of Power Wafers) for Vitality, Health Maintenance and Advanced Illness Meridian Energizing Treatment. 



Use Regular Biomagnets under hands and feet, and Negative 2-Stack of Power Wafers over the sternum and a Negative Super BioMagnet on the pineal for 10 minutes. 


Drink negative oxygenated water (3-5 glasses daily). 


TREATMENT CYCLE: Approximately 3 times a day, for 7 days to 2 weeks. Sit in a comfortable chair and rest your hands and feet on the Biomagnets. After Meridian Energizing Treatment remove the Biomagnets - but leave the Negative 2-Stack of Power Wafers over the sternum. Wear all day, every day, until you feel fully energized. Thereafter, wear 3 to 4 times a week. Remove at night. 



Wellness Kit Includes: 

* 4 Power Wafers for Sternum or CVS (Daily) Treatment and Pain Relief. 

* 4 Regular Biomagnets for Meridian Energizing. 

* 2 Super Biomagnets for Deep Tissue Treatment. 

* Water Jar Magnets 

*  MAGNETIZER Stabilized Oxygen 

*BioMag Treatment Handbook 


Conquering Pain 

Handbook contains 

over 170 treatments


(all items are also available separately)






Question: What is the difference between Rare Earth Powered Biomagnets and ordinary Biomagnets? 


Answer: Our Rare Earth Biomagnets are 50 times more powerful than ordinary biomagnets providing much faster pain relief. Magnetizer is proud to make these expensive Biomagnets available at affordable, breakthrough pricing. 


Question: How long have Biomagnets been used to successfully treat a variety of illnesses? 


Answer: Biomagnetics is a medical, energy science of development and practical usage, first recorded by the Chinese in the Yellow Emperor's book of Internal Medicine, approximately 30000 B.C. and found in most civilizations of the world. 


Question: Can BioMagnetics help restore a person to normal health? 


Answer: Using a proper magnetic field, the electrical condition of the specific problem area can be efficiently manipulated into a normal healing attitude; thereby forcing the electro/bio/chemical activity of the cells to assume a high-energy, healthy circuiting, helping the body functions operate properly to return to health (homeostatis). 


It is important to note that personal experimentation with magnetic placement over the sternum is not advised in the face of any known heart condition. 



* "I cancelled my hip replacement surgery and within a month, I was swimming 1 1/4 miles a day." J.H. 


* "My migraine was a lifetime of torture. After 20 minutes with the Magnetizer BioMag the pain and nervousness disappeared for good". Thank you Magnetizer? A.P. 


* "I had Coronary Thrombosis. Couldn't afford the operation. Used the BioMag for half a year, then contacted a practitioner and he said my heart was healed. Confirmed with another doctor. Now, I walk long distances without a can -an additional bonus - the BioMag helped get rid of my arthritis". A.A. 


* "After Meridian Energizing Treatment, my son's severe asthma went away". A.S. 


* "I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and back pain for ovfer a year. I was healed wearing the magnets for one month". T.W. 


* "My 9 year old son was an epileptic with grand mal seizures. Since using a BioMag he has never had another seizure." E.L.M.T.


Jim LeBeau - Pathway To Wholeness

DBA / Nova Health Concepts Inc. 

PO Box 199 Cedarburg, WI 53012-0199

Phone: (262) 240-9790













Rare Earth Biomagnets from MAGNETIZER® are properly focused Negative (-)and/or Positive (+) Polarity. This is a very important factor because the response of the individual magnetic poles has differing effects on the physiology of the human body.


NEGATIVE or geological North is always marked with the negative symbol (-)and/or colored green. The Negative Pole helps the body to normalize and heal painful conditions. The Negative Polarity can be used anywhere on the body.


POSITIVE or geological South is always marked with the Positive symbol (+) and/or colored red. The Positive Pole stimulates all forms of life, including bacteria. Techniques using positive polarity are used sparingly and only for very specific treatments.


The Negative Pole Gives One Effect And
The Positive Pole Gives Another

Why is this a warning? A recurrent problem in this science and the biomagnetic health and research industry is that magnet manufacturers, and many people in general, do not understand the important difference in universally marking the poles correctly. Additionally, some biomagnet companies are actually insensitive or ignorant in the use of proper field treatments.


It is important for you, the end user, to understand the basic, vital difference between the geological North (negative) and South (positive) Pole effects and to be ‘product wise’ when selecting magnetic products to be used for health treatments.


For example: Many magnet manufacturers put an ‘N’ or an ‘S’ on their magnets. But, their ‘N’ or ‘S’ marking is an engineers symbol and means North or South seeking.  What seeks the North?  The South seeks the North.  That means the ‘N’ on the magnet may be the South (positive) Pole, a dangerous pole to use indiscriminately! This is important because incorrectly marked magnets can give energy that has been shown to be dangerous to your health if you're constantly using South (positive) on an area you wouldn't want stimulated such as an ankle with edema, or a tumorous area in the body, etc.  Knowledgeable biomagnetic scientists agree that biomagnetic applications be very specific in regard to using only the proper poles and that they be electromagnetically marked either Negative (-) or Positive (+).


Based on the simplest laws of physics, the wrong side of the magnet placed over sensitive tissue could cause damage.  Remember, South Pole is positive.  Positive is stimulating and could stimulate all forms of life including bacteria, viruses, increased inflammation, increased cancer rates, etc.

The geological North Pole is negative. Negative charges create negative energy, the calming healing energy. Since so many do not know the difference between the true poles and the “seeking” poles of a magnet, MAGNETIZER®, as a scientific biomagnetic institute, has chosen to use Negative (-) and Positive (+) markings on our biomagnets. For your safety, all biomagnets are triple tested with a measuring instrument known as a magnetometer. This testing device accurately reads negative (geological North) and positive (geological South). The universal markings for these poles are Green for Negative (-) and Red for Positive (+).


Be aware of what kind of biomagnets you're getting before you buy. Insist on true geological North (negative) and South (positive). Wrong pole markings can be harmful to your health.


Consider Polarities when Using Biomagnets as a complimentary health care treatment.




THE NORTH POLE (Geological North)
Green is the universal Biomagnetic color for Negative Polarity.

  • The Negative Pole has an arresting effect on bacteria and growths, and a sedating effect on the nerve tissue; sedates or inhibits pain.  Reduces congestion.

  • Controls inflammatory conditions in the joints (redness, warmth, swelling).

  • Slows down overactive organs.  Decreases activity.

  • Attracts oxygen, charges and properly increases cellular DNA.

  • Contracts the tissue; draws fluid.

  • Speeds up the coagulation of blood.  Controls the bleeding of wounds.  Vasoconstrictor.

  • Dissolves build-up of fatty materials.  Reduction of fatty deposits in veins and arteries.

  • Decreases abnormal calcium ions.

  • Decreases bridge lengths between gene transmitter and receptor cites aiding complete neural transmission for better metabolism and faster healing.

Summary Negative Pole:
    The negative (-), North side of the magnet is the pole most frequently used for healing. It is very important to health.  Trauma causes the cellular condition to go into a positive acid state. The negative pole will increase alkalinity and reduce acidity. It decreases acidity in ailments by reducing the hydrogen ion, increasing pH and causing alkalinity to bring the tissue back to normal. Alkalinity fights colds, bacteria and increases oxygen to the cell.

    The negative pole energy is best used for: arthritis, bleeding, wounds, sores, boils, eczema, skin rashes, burns, infections, toothache, kidney infection, kidney stones, cancer, bladder complaints and, in all kinds of aches, pains, and inflammations that have redness, warmth, or swelling.

    When you hurt yourself, your brain sends out negative charges directly to the area to heal. The negative field of the magnet amplifies and expedites this natural healing condition.

THE SOUTH POLE (Geological South)
Red is the universal Biomagnetic color for positive polarity.

  • South Pole is positive energy.

  • Stimulates all forms of life including bacteria.  Therefore it should never be used where there is an infection.

  • Stimulates the organs in its energy field.  Increases activity.  Also, attracts and increases acidity.

  • Expands, enlarges, softens and relaxes tissues by increasing inter and intracellular fluids. Great for backaches.

  • Dilates blood vessels. Vasodilator. Can create additional bleeding when there is a cut or abrasion.

  • Should not be used on inflammation.

  • The South Pole should be applied carefully and used only in specific techniques defined in this book.

Summary Positive Pole:
The South Pole energy is used for: Under active (hypo-active) glands; such as adrenal, thyroid, pancreas. To neutralize stomach acids. Especially important: Used as part of Proper Polarity Treatment for;  bone fractures, cartilage repair,  back pain, and in the Meridian Energizing Treatment for advanced illnesses to potentiate and energize nerve cells. See Treatment Techniques in book.



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Beware --There's An Important Difference
Between The North And South Pole
Of A Magnet


To the Editor
Benning’s Health & Fitness Journal 

I thoroughly object to the letter to the Editor in the Jan-Feb 2000 issue titled “Magnet Technology” by Ted Zablotsky MD (following my letter of Incredible Power of Magnets). Dr. Zablotsky’s letter is scientifically misleading and is teaching improper and wrong magnetic science and biophysics. This can be very dangerous for the human condition if these statements are used indiscriminately in biomagnetic treatments. Dr. Zablotsky states that there is no difference in the effect of both poles of the magnet andthere is no science to support separate pole effects. In addition, he states that it is impossible to separate the poles unless a magnet is physically larger than a human body. 

First, let us look at the letter’s claim that it is impossible to separate the fields of both poles of a magnet it is larger than a (human) body. According to this exclamation, the ubiquitous small portable generator, that people use at work sites, would have to have 60 positive and 60 negative “larger than the size of a body” magnets to create normal 60 cycle 120 volt house current. How do they fit those “people sized magnets” into such a small space such as that generator or the motor in the back of the refrigerator or inside a vacuum cleaner or a garbage disposal? It is accomplished since each one of the small powerful magnets in a motor or generator are homo/uni/mono/single pole focused. It is easy to separate the pole of a magnet. They are simply charged so that each individual pole is on the opposite side of each other. To make the really strong magnets, they are magnetized as they are compressed before being fired in the kiln. This is called sintering the magnet.  

Furthermore, it is indicated in his letter that there is a lack of understanding of physics and no science to support the people who think or claim that one pole gives one effect and the other pole gives the opposite effect. According to the letter’s proclamation of the polar effects, the negative side of the magnet does not create the “left-hand (chirality) rule” electron spin of the atoms of the material parallel to the pole piece – nor does it create a negative charge. Furthermore, under the new rules of this letter, the positive side no longer creates the right-hand (chirality) rule nor does it produce positive charges either. Looks like engineers and physicists have been using the wrong physical laws for forever.

  It is time now for people to know how a (bio) magnet really works, since its application is very important. Everyone in electrical and/or magnet engineering knows that when both poles of a magnet are placed closely together, the flux only flows between them. If both poles of the magnet are on the same surface, their flux lines only flow between the surface poles – not outward. This type of magnet design provides very little penetration into the body. Only a single pole field on one side of the magnet (with the opposite pole on the other side) can give the homo/uni/mono/single pole effect. Anyone who thinks there really isn’t a difference between the North and South poles, has no idea of science, which is taught in basic engineering. It is also apparent that they have never used a gauss meter or a magnetometer, the instruments used for measuring the power and defining the positive and negative side of a magnet.  

Magnet science is simple. One pole gives a positive charge and the other gives a negative charge. These charges occur from the electrons becoming excited in the field of the magnet. In the most basic quantum physics, the non-charged electrons are in a para or normal state. When magnetically charged, the excited electrons of the atoms, change their orbit to a spin parallel with the pole surface and they take on an energized condition known as the ortho state. In this state, the nucleus changes direction against the spinning electron creating a friction that is measured in an increased or endothermic (taking on energy) electrical value. In the negative field of a magnet, the electrons spin in a counter-clockwise motion (left-hand chirality rule) in the negative field of a magnet and spin in a clockwise motion (right-hand chirality rule) in the positive field. Another basic scientific issue is that when the two poles (positive and negative) are on the same side or pole piece of a magnet, the aggregate (sum) of the combined field will not be neutral, but will have a small positive charge. This is easily measured and easily understood – the positive field is expanding and the negative is contracting. Expanding is always larger than contracting. If the positive were light and the negative were dark, put the two together and you have twilight, which is still light. In essence, the bi-polar single-sided magnet gives off a small positive charge.

  If Dr. Zablotsky’s statement was to infer that there is no difference in the effect of either pole on biology or the body’s physiology, I say he is extremely misinformed! The evidence is in and has been around for a long time and can be found in the teachings at all medical universities. The cytoplasm (inside), quantifiably the largest part of a healthy cell, measured at rest, has a negative charge potential. When stressed or traumatized, the cell (now measured positively potentiated or with a loss of its negative charge value) sends an ascending signal through the nervous system to the brain which in turn, sends the descending signal to flood negative healing charges to the cell (s) to get them back to their normal negative charge potential (homeostasis). That is how the body’s basic defense and healing system works – naturally sending negative charges to the affected area. All of these measurements have been conducted years ago on the body with a very expensive mico-voltmeter known as a Squid (Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device). 

  What else do the negative charges do - Trappe et al. showed the reduction of cancer cells under a negative magnetic field and a very aggressive proliferation with the positive magnetic pole. Dr. Becker et al. (University of Massachusetts) showed that a healing site always goes negative once the healing starts. 


Starting in the 1930’s, Davis et al. conducted so many experiments which have been duplicated so many times, that he is considered the worldwide founder of the different biological pole effects. His experiments essentially provided the original physical precepts about scientific magnetic healing. He found the negative pole provided the calm electrical atmosphere that promoted healing which was later identified to mimic and amplify the body’s natural defense system. He also found the positive field stimulates metabolism which often interferes with the flood of negative charges and stresses the healing site, which in turn, floods the area with more negative energy. Simple to understand – a doctor prescribes cold for swelling, never heat. This is not to say the positive pole should never be used. The positive pole, when used in conjunction with the negative pole, has been found to be necessary in specific treatment modalities when instituting specialized circuits to initiate re-growth of cartilage or breached nerve or bone unions. On the proper location (s), it can potentiate nerve cells and vitalize weak, nerve pathways, which in turn, elevates the healing message (s) from the brain to the affected areas. It also can reset and amplify the proper current flows in the body as taught in Ayurvedic medicine, Reike, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and is now being used, studied and taught by contemporary medical scientists and practitioners. 

  For your information, manufacturers’ of bi-polar and multi-polar biomagnets warn not to use them on any sick or diseased organs. They don’t explain the reason - that the aggregate positive field stresses the organ which increases the disease. Yet, these same organs are readily treated with the negative, calming, energy healing pole – with great results and no need of warnings.


It is wise to know the science of biomagnets before you use them. Imagine what could happen to someone with a brain tumor who is using a headband with bi-polar magnets to stop their headaches. Those aggregate positive fields may change the way that person feels for a while, but the positive field has been proven to grow tumors whereas the negative field has shown good results of reducing and eliminating tumors. When using biomagnetism, be careful and certainly don’t believe everything you read about biomagnetics unless you are sure the author really knows about the science.

    Peter A. Kulish, Senior Scientist
    The Magnetizer Group, Inc., BioMagnetic Laboratories
    Author of "Conquering Pain, The Art Of Healing With BioMagnetism"



Preview of information from the book 




The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism 

by Peter Kulish


            Poison Oak A friend call me after hiking in the woods on a warm day: she had contracted a major case of poison oak that covered her both legs with a livid red itchy rash. I told her to spray the effected area with a solution of 75 drops MSO per 8 oz. of Magnetized Negative Water. She called back one hour later, explaining, "It's all gone". 


            Walking Pneumonia was the diagnosis. Our production manager had just returned from the doctors office and was on her home for two weeks of bed rest. I instructed her to take 50 drops of MSO in 8 oz. of water every 4 and reduce the dosage to 40 drops the next day. I told her we would see her when she was better. To my surprise, she was at work the very next morning. The pneumonia was gone overnight. 



            A note from the author: A number of years ago, I was working on my motorcycle and the gas tank exploded. I got 2nd degree burns the entire length of my right arm from the finger tips to my shoulder. Of course, this was very painful. 

            Unfortunately, I wasn't hear a hospital. Fortunately, I was aware of both the oxygen and negative pole water benefits, had both items with me, and I was certain they would help. I immediately drank Magnetized Negative Water with MSO (50 drops per glass). I also mixed 75 drops of MSO in 4 ounces of Magnetized Negative Water and sprayed it on my arm every hour. Within moments of spraying, the pain subsided by 80%. Within a short time after that, the tremendous swelling went down. Within 5-6 days, I was completely healed with only minimal scarring. 

            I realized how important it was to both MSO and Magnetized Negative Water together. Although in most cases 2nd degree burns should always be treated by properly trained medical persons, MSO is a valuable treatment and should be added to the home health care First-Aid kit. 


Cancer: 1.) Meridian Energizing Treatment in the morning 3 times a day for 1 month, then 2 times a day for 1 month, then once a day for the remaining term. 

2.) Negative Super BioMagnet over location for constant daily use. 

3.) Use Positive 2-Stack Power Wafers over thymus for 3 minutes 3 times a day for 2 weeks to stimulate immune system, then one a day for full term. Daytime Sternum Treatment during full term. Nighttime Treatment for 10 days-2 weeks. 

4.) Drink Magnetized Negative Water with MSO, 5 times a day. 

        Diet change essential. Macrobiotic diet has shown excellent results. Use only organically grown food. Vitamin C and E. Medical nutritionist. PD WARNING


Edema: Swelling, Generally from trauma. 

1.) Negative 2-Stack Power Wafers on kidneys and spleen 1-3 hours. Daytime Sternum Treatment. Nighttime Treatment helpful. 

2.) Negative 2-Stack Power Wafers on location. If swelling continues, place 2-3 inches ffrom location to pull fluids from area for 1--3 hours. Any persistent edema that does not respond to treatment -- consult physician IMMEDIATELY. PD WARNING.


Migraine Headache: Daytime Sternum and Nighttime Treatment important PD WARNING. 

Negative 2-Stack Power Wafers on CVS area very good. 2-Stack Power Wafers over temple if migraine does not stop. Use as needed. Drink Magnetized Negative Water with MSO. See Chapters 9, 10 and 11. Medical nutritionist for possible allergies. 


Pain: Often due to injury, edema or fluid buildup. Negative 2-Stack Power Wafers on Proper Polarity Placement, page 107-11. If fluid buildup (edema), move BioMagnets 3" away from area toward heart. Drink Magnetized Negative Water with MSO. See Nutrition Chapter Calcium, magnesium, and B-Vitamin Supplements. Term: Until condition stops. 


Toxicity: Meridian Energizing Treatment. PD WARNING. Nighttime treatment very important. Negative 2-Stack Power Wafers on liver, spleen and kidneys 1-2 hours daily. Drink Magnetized Negative Water with MSO. See Nutrition Chapter 9. Spiralina or green algae for detox. Vitamin C (5-10 grams daily) very important to neutralize toxicity. Medical nutritionist. 


Many health problems and BioMagnetic Treatments are listed in the book.


Addictive States


Allergic Reactions


Ankles (Swollen) 


Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis



Athlete's Feet

Attention Deficit Disorder 


Baldness and Graying Hair

Bites (Insects, Bees) 

Bites (Dog Bite)

Bladder and Kidney

Blood Pressure-High Blood Pressure

Bone Spurs of the Foot

Breast Lumps: Fibrocystic Breast 

Broken Bones




Calcium Deposits


Carotid Arteries

Carpal Tunnel 

Cartilage Regrowth


Cellulite Deposits

Chemical Exposure

Childhood Diseases

Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CFS

Circulation (poor)

Cirrhosis -- Liver








Cramp (Menstrual) 


Cramps (Menstrual) 






Diarrhea and Dysentery 

Displacement of Uterus 



Dry Ear






Emotional Disorders






Fever Blisters

Fibroid Tumors 



Facture of Full Bone Break 









Heart Conditions

Hernia - Hiatal 

Herpes, General










Kidney Problems

Knee Pain


Learning Disorders




Liver Toxicity or Enlargement

Loss of memory


Lupus - Erythematosus

Lymph Nodes

Macular Degeneration

Menopausal Discomforts


Menstrual Irregularity

Migraine Headache

Motion Sickness


Muscle Spasms



Nerve Regeneration





Ovarian Cysts

Panic Attacks


Paralysis - Facial 






Prostate Cancer

Prostate Enlargement



Ruptured Disk

Scar Tissue










Sore Nipples

Sore Throat

Spondylitis / Spondylosis

Sprain or Strain

Stiffness in Neck




Tennis Elbow


Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears) 


Toothache, Abscess and Cavity






urinary Problems

Vaginal Infections


Weight Problem

Weak Muscles


Withdrawal Symptoms

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