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Alternative Cancer Cures Exist - Holistic Only
Most of my cancer was killed off in one day using herbs which are non-invasive.






Open your eyes to the truth.  Facts are facts.

     Many say they are going to win the fight against cancer and do not . . . even study and educate themselves about cancer's weaknesses.  These weaknesses can rapidly kill the cancer naturally without harming the body.  Many will waste valuable time pleasing themselves by watching hours of TV and die not knowing the truth.   

      Cancer is not magic and cannot survive in a normal God designed healthy body pH.  Dr. Tullio Simoncini killed tumors in 3-days by simply raising the tumor's pH. 

      Sorry to say chemotherapy is basically mustard gas and kills cancer and people.  Watch Dr. Judah Folkman the Cancer Warrior - video coverage on cancer - at the end of this article. Great coverage. 

    Chemotherapy does not address youíre body's pH and only adds deadly poisons to your body which works on killing everything possible in it's path. 

      Educate yourself and kn
ow how to raise youíre body's pH and rapidly kill the cancer while getting healthier.  

                                                                                                           More important facts you should study!


    To avoid confusion study the
FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS and  learn how each pillar relates to dozens of natural cancer remedies described in the
100 NATURAL CANCER REMEDIES report. You need a system of knowledge to stay out of the jungle of being mislead. 


  1. The oxygen/pH connection - pH of body fluids is the background for the healthy chemistry of life and sick chemistry too. If I'm a cancer cell...pass the acidity - I love it. 

  2. The sugar connection - blood sugar = primary fuel of a healthy cell and critical for a cancer cell's survival. If I'm a cancer cell...pass the sugar please. It keeps me going.  

  3. The toxicity connection = healthy cells can suffocate and mutate in their own waste. If I'm a healthy cell thinking of turning cancerous...pass the poisons.  

  4. The immunity connection - power of the good guys to gobble up the bad guys. If I'm a cancer cell please keep that immune system weak and helpless, thank you. 

    ==> Read about the 100 NATURAL CANCER REMEDIES report and how many natural remedies support FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS!  

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Established 1993        

      Hi - I'm Wayne Graham - After a decade of serious health problems and returning home for the third time from the Gerson's Cancer Therapy in Mexico... in 1990, I was down to 145 pounds, with unbearable pain coming from my colon, and praying for death. I was on my deathbed and I my thoughts were that it was only days before it was over.    
     But miracles do happen and I was talking to Jim LeBeau of The Perfect Health Foundation. With Jim's help and by studying the "alternative natural remedies" and other educational information he gave me - I was finally able to understand the real problems which then allowed me to turn myself around condition - which aided in saving me from death. My saliva and urine pH was around 4.2, and with Jim's educational materials it helped me further understand my real health needs, problems and my choices which then started allowing me to raise my cell pH back towards a healthy pH. Within two weeks I knew I had reversed from the deathbed and might actually survive.
     I survived though the grace of God and all the research and knowledgeable people the Lord put me in contact with.  Jim LeBeau and I talked to and corresponded with Dr. Carl Reich who worked with Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg concerning cancer.  

     Amazes me that most doctors do not know or use God's powerful non-invasive methods that make their deadly poisonous methods obsolete. Sure you can kill cancer and the person with their poisons . . . but this method of madness does not change the existing deadly environment within the person which allows the cancer to immediately redevelop in healthy or poisoned and weakened cells.    
     To help you understand the pH environment - Dr Tullio Simoncini would take 18-cents worth of baking soda (9.0 pH) and inject baking soda into tumors and in 3-days the cancer was dead.  

     Sure it takes some study time to learn these methods.  I survived the deathbed and created this website to help others with simple answers not normally found. 

     Never did I use chemotherapy or radiation or I would not be here today. Ask yourself, how many do you know that survived the profitable poisonous population control methods. Count them. My sister had breast cancer and refused the poisons also. After 10 years she still says that everyone she knew that used the medical professionís poisons - died, including our mom.   

     May God bless you to master your health. ht


     The 34 page 100 NATURAL CANCER REMEDIES report will open your eyes to dozens of options that support the above four pillars. This powerful report is available for immediate download with the link below at a special low price offer. 


  • PAGE 34 - ALL FOUR PILLARS - learn how 88 year old man heals self of prostate cancer metastasized to the bone with several simple diet and lifestyle changes that involve all four pillars - "xray showed NO biological problems. NO pain now". 

  • PAGE 5 - PILLAR # 4 - medical doctor who healed self of breast cancer with natural methods described on this page says: "Cancer doesn't scare me anymore. I had it and got well by natural simple therapies that you seldom hear about". Today I feel great". 

  • PAGE 20 - "In Nov. 03 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with PSA of 183. I started taking ------- By March my PSA had dropped to 6 and in another month it was below 4.  I am out of the danger zone".

  • PAGE 21 - PILLAR # 4 - DETOXIFICATION: In a study with 65 mostly stage 4 cancer patients....achieved a 78% cure rate and a 89% survival rate".

  • PAGE 21 - PILLAR # 1 - pH and OXYGEN: Italian oncologist discovers cause of cancer is a common fungus...virtually any cancer can be treated with the powerful anti-fungal -----------claims he has successfully treated many types of cancer without his patients suffering any negative side effects. 

  • PAGE 25 - THREE MAGIC HERBS FORMULA - ALL FOUR PILLARS: "Within 24 hours I had no more pain. A few days later I began having excessive bowel movements. Immediately I started to feel much better. By Aug 2 the doctor found I no longer had cancer. I have told several people that had terminal cancer how I was cured. They tried it and were also cancer-free in a short time". 

  • PAGE 27 - ANOTHER WAY TO USE THE "POWERFUL ANTI-FUNGAL" MENTIONED ON PAGE 21 RELATED TO PILLAR # 2 - "works virtually on all types of cancer including lung and breast cancer". 

  • PAGE 33 - TWO MAGIC FOODS FORMULA - ALL FOUR PILLARS: "I thank God every day for this great gift of life, for giving me the healing and for leading me to these green ------ -------- pills". 

   Which of the 100 natural remedies will work for you or someone you love? If you don't know what they are, how will you ever know?  NO "CURE" GUARANTEES - just powerful details, testimonials, logic, common sense, historical evidence, and biological science.  Learn not just the what but also the why and how of dozens of natural cancer remedies. 

   If you understand the FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS and how they relate to dozens of natural cancer remedies then you will have a path to follow. You can pick and choose among dozens of natural remedies in consultation with the health professional of your choice...just make sure you cover all four pillars. Now you have a system. Build from there so you don't miss a pillar - or a beat.   

Whatever cancer remedy or therapy or treatment you choose you need a good foundation.  With a good foundation you have a chance to build a house of health that holds up in a storm. 

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Wayne Graham
A 30-year survivor 


After you read this report you will smile to yourself.  The mystery of how and why natural cancer remedies can work when everything else fails will become clear. No more mystery...just shock and awe at the wisdom and love God has put in HIS creation and all things we call "natural".  If you search online you can find hundreds of  remedies and sources just like those included in this report but you may end up hopelessly confused. To avoid confusion learn how natural cancer remedies relate to THE FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS as explained in the first four pages of this report. Build on these four. Newly revised and expanded this 34 page report is now available for immediate download for only $12.00 by clicking on the link above. It is also available free (hard copy) with the purchase of a Body Balancing Kit from The Perfect health Foundation. In this day and age you need to be a smart shopper. This report will make you a smart shopper. 


Do you need a pH miracle?

A pH miracle saved my life. Many people  have given credit to  pH balancing for their healing experiences  using foods and supplements that balance the pH of the body. These folks learn how to test their urine and saliva pH and learn what each value means.  Thousands have learned about pH balancing from Body Balancing Kits available from The Perfect Health Foundation. For more information go to

Why you need a Body Balancing Kit



In the 100 Remedies report you will read about natural things that destroy or kill a cancer cell. One of them works by altering pH around a cancer cell. That may be wonderful, but don't get hooked on a limited approach to a systemic problem. That's not the way to win the war on cancer. You can cut out a tumor too. Does that heal the whole body?  Even if you alter the pH around a cancer cell and cause it to die what about the pH of all the body fluids in general that probably were off balance and set the stage for cell mutations and cancer in the first place? Even if you balance your overall body pH, how about other foundational body systems such as digestion, blood sugar, blood pressure, and body temperature? These are all related to each other. When you limit your approach, you also limit your healing power. That is why you need to consider a Body Balancing Kit and carefully study every word at






I didn't want to be bothered by anyone and I moved my bed out under a oak tree, lived in a pair of shorts, fasted for 7 days on water, would apply H2O2 formula and bounce on the trampoline in the shade of oak trees or...(for rest of my story click on ON THE DEATHBED above)


There are many types of cancer and normally no single magic bullet. Build your house of health on a solid foundation with FOUR PILLARS OF WELLNESS and you should soon have dozens of "magic bullets" working on your side. 

"With God all things are possible". Say that to yourself at least 100 times a day. 


     This site is for educational      purposes only. 

The information in this website is not intended to replace the need for conventional medical care in any situation in which there is an indication of a need for such services. If you have a medical problem consult doctors who are knowledgeable in causative and foundational aspects of human wholeness. They are the ones who may be the most qualified to help you  make informed decisions as to a proper balance in the use of conventional medicine and nutritional or foundational medicine and to give you the personal as well as professional support you may need. 




A little recognized danger in medical treatment is the failure of doctors to advise patients of the importance of getting the most basic body systems in balance while they are undergoing treatment for any health problem including cancer.  "Not a sparrow falls without your Father"...and  "The hairs on your head are numbered". These are a few thoughts that confirm the love and attention to detail God has put into HIS creation for OUR use. To learn more about foundational body systems balancing go to

 Please share the above message with your doctor, your priest or minister, your congressman...and your neighbor.  



"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."                                       Thomas Jefferson

The only difference between winners and losers, is that loser try and fail 
... try and fail...  try and fail and give up. 
Winners try and fail ... try and fail ... over and over again 
until they succeed. 

Don't give up!

A man and a woman were walking along a beach
where thousands of starfish had washed up.
The woman kept bending down and 
throwing starfish back into the water.  The man asked her,
�Why do you bother throwing some back,
there are thousands, what difference are you making.
She bent down again and threw another into
the water, replying, It made a difference to that one.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine,
but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,
in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Thomas Edison

"Let thy food be thy medicine,
and thy medicine be thy food."

Hippocrates,  the Father of Modern Medicine

"Most of the important things in the world
have been accomplished by people
who have kept on trying when
there seemed to be no hope at all."
Dale Carnegie

 There's no way to health, health is a way...

      - Did you know that 97% of terminal cancer patients have a root canal.  


       - Poison are poison and it doesn't matter if the poison is the newest and most advanced poisonous cancer treatment. Chemotherapy slowly poisons most people to death. 
      -  Poisoning your cancer does not change the environment allowing the cancer to rapidly flourish and spread throughout your body.  You have a choice of using deadly poisons or quickly educating you
rself in how to use the God given non-invasive secrets that change the body's pH and conditions and rapidly kill all forms of cancer.                                                                  

      Note that Hitler used mustard gas to kill more than 5 million Jews. After Hitler fell, Bayer bought Hitler's mustard gas and started using it in America as a cancer treatment. 
                                            IS IT POPULATION CONTROL?

      The world has become drastically over populated in the last 210-years.  This world population over thousands of years reached 1- billion in 1804 and then increased to an over crowed extinction level of more than 7.2 billion . . . in only 210-years. Do the math.  We are running out of water, food, oil, coal, oxygen etc, etc.
                                                    CURE FOR CANCER:
      The cure for cancer has always existed but because the world is at an extinction level the medical profession is not allowed to use these God given holistic methods that work.  If a doctor uses God blessed elements to kill the cancer, their license is
taken away.  
     Realize God's elements rapidly repair the body's problems which cancer cannot survive.   Man's slow poisoning the body methods destroys the immune system, organs, causes hair loss and actually kills most humans. 

Do the research. Have you ever known anyone that survived chemotherapy without changing their diet?

 I know a lot of people who have gotten well by changing their diet and without the use of chemotherapy.  

      You can educate yourself enough in a week and know the God given directions for getting well.  Personally, I saw my deathbed situation start reversing in about 10-days after I made these changes.  It took me seven years studying to figure it out.  But now days the answers are available to you.  People can spend more on co-pays or spend it getting healthy destroying the cancer naturally.  Dr. Tullio Simoncini would raise the pH in tumors and the cancer would die in 3-days (non-invasive) (no poisons).  

When Dr. Tullio Simoncini 
raised the pH in a tumor 
the cancer was dead in 3-days every time. 

When Otto Warburg lowered the pH/oxygen  in healthy cells these cells mutated into cancer every time. When Otto raise the pH/oxygen  in these cancer cells the cancer died every time. 

In the Bible God gives alkaline vegetables to raise a person's pH to get well. 

God also made many natural things that can be used to kill cancer that are superior to man's deadly cancer treatments. 

Watch this and understand a lot of 
what is going on with cancer. 

Cancer Warrior
Dr. Judah Folkman

Dr. Judah Folkman is a great doctor

Notice after 6-months the patient cancer advances and these people are removed from the test group.

Personally, I would use what rapidly works. 


    Is fighting cancer allowing chemo (mustard gas) to be plugged into your arm or orally taking these poisons in pill form.  I don't think so, myself. 
         A friend had 2 liver transplants and they were giving him chemotherapy in a pill form to build up his interferon.  If one wants to build interferon in the body then use Dr. Budwig formula of cottage cheese and organic Barleans oil.   I am sorry to say that doctors and people that use chemotherapy to possibly increase interferon in the human body have to be brain dead.  Totally brain dead. 

      The problem with most people are they do not study what God says in the Bible. Live or die. When you die you go to judgment.


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