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Wayne Graham C.L. 
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Most people lose the battle with cancer because of a lack of knowledge. 
First thing in a battle is knowing your enemy. 

Cancer is not that difficult to beat naturally . . . using God's gifts.   

* God mentions in the Book of Daniel water and vegetables.
Also in Genesis vegetables are mentioned. 
Alkaline raises the cellular pH and kills the cancer. Use poisons and the pH is only lowered taking the environment into an environment which cancer flourishes. 

     Hydrate the cells and brain with lots of water.
     Clean the cells by hydrating the cells. 
     Consume organic alkaline water (9.5) and alkaline forming foods as created by God

* The main and most power ammunition that kills all types of cancer?
   - Increasing the cellular oxygen supply by
raising the body's pH.  
* Hydrated oils cause major problems with your 
liver and your health. You might consider using such things as organic olive oil and 
coconut oil with Omega 3.  Needed to transfer the oxygen from the blood to the cells. 

* What is the value difference comparing organic vs. in-organic vegetables? 

Organic vegetables have approximately 87% more nutritional value. 
  Note: Commercially grown vegetables have a
major imbalance of minerals.  

 Recently my wife went to the Super Grocery Store and found a 
head of lettuce for $3. She then went to a COOP and found 
a beautiful
organic head of lettuce for $1.59. 

Mineral and vitamin deficiency are the main cause of degenerative disease. 

 * Plant derived minerals are superior.  
   - A minerals and vitamins deficiency is one of the main causes of disease.  

Presently running 2 web sites. 

Holistic methods to getting well. 

(Scriptures - The book of Revelation is being revealed)
Read God's scriptures and find out who you are worshipping.