Cancer deals with many problems within the body and I took somewhat of the necessary shotgun approach in certain directions. If God made it, I used it. You can see why I made it. 


If you don't think God requires physical existence then why did he had Noah build the ark for the animals and his family.   


People think these applications are to complicated to follow. Just read what research is available to understand what is real with your body and then simply add 2 of this and 3 of that. Put everything down on your chart as the day goes on. If you love your family you will get off your duff and start your first step.  

Many of you value money more than your own life and pussy foot around until the cancer spreads and get out of control.  


Contents:     Click on items below

  1. Calcium, Hydrochloric Acid & Vitamin-D COMBINATION

  2. Water Cell Dehydration = sickness

  3. Water Formula

  4. Mercury & Cancer

  5. Enzymes

  6. H2O2

  7. Essential Oils

  8. Transfer Factor Plus (Improves Immune System) 248% Rise in NK Cell Activity Over Baseline, Colostrum, Lactoferrin

  9. Aloe Vera removes tumors

  10. Power of Lemon

  11. Vitamin C report

  12. Vit-B-17 ( Laetrile)

  13. Garlic & Millet

  14. Selenium

  15. Adrenal Gland

  16. Alkalizer

  17. Bacteria (Friendly)

  1. Bovine/Shark Cartilage

  2. Breathing exercises

  3. Carrots

  4. Cayenne Pepper

  5. Chart

  6. Colloidal Silver

  7. Echinacea

  8. Enemas

  9. Flaxseed Oil Aminos Acid

  10. Forgave People

  11. Germanium

  12. Hormones

  13. Hair Analyses

  14. Iridology (Seeing what's wrong by reading the eyes)

  15. Liver supplements

  16. Magnets

  17. Minerals--plant derived--plus

  18. Organic Food (Only)

  19. Outside Air

  20. Out Door living

  1. Parasites

  2. Hydrochloric Acid & gas problems

  3. Red Grapes or Skins

  4. Shower Filter

  5. Soap

  6. Sprouts

  7. Stone Removal (liver)

  8. Taheeho

  9. Testing body temperature

  10. Testing salvia pH

  11. Tumors

  12. Thymus

  13. Vitamins

  14. Vitamin B-12

  15. Wheat Grass

  16. Yogurt

  17. Thymus

  18. Hot & cold shower

  19. Cancer herb - Foods



I didn't want to be bothered by anyone and I moved my bed out under a oak tree, lived in a pair of shorts, fasted for 7 days on water, would applied a H2O2 formula and bounce on the trampoline in the shade of oak trees or, while practicing breathing exercises and kept a magnet continuously against the pain area of the descending colon both day & night. Dad said, "Your going to die because I hadn't eaten in so long" ,and I said, "I am going to die anyway."  I didn't care anymore because the pain was so bad and I was so weak. Recently two friends of mine died from the poisons of treatments. And I had already prayed for death. My deathbed pH was around 4.2 and near 4.0. Around this time my weight was around 145 lbs which was 20 under my high school weight. Sometimes my strength would let me exercise for a few minutes and other times I was strong enough to exercise 45 minutes at a good rate. I always kept the north side of a 1000 gauss magnet over the pain area - day and night except when I took a shower. After 4 or 5 days I noticed that horrible pain was disappearing. I could actually sleep without awaking to the pain. 


I knew after 2 weeks that I was going to survive. Everything had totally changed. But than I was twice as sick as you are. My cellular pH was around 4.0 to 4.2. 


Maybe you had better read the above paragraph again and understand what I was actually saying. I just cover some of the most important reasons why I survived. Raising my oxygen & hydrogen levels, moving the lymphatic system to remove acidic poisons, Vitamin D to allow calcium absorption to raise my cellular pH, wheat grass to neutralize acidic poisons and doing deep breathing to increase the rate the carbon dioxide acids being discharged from my body. 


Today, I listened to Dr. Lorraine Day and she repeats the subjects of air, water, and sunshine that the Lord had me do around 10 years ago. 


The Lord said, Your sins be forgiven first before you are healed. 

Pray on bent knees and learn to forgive.

  1. Adrenal gland
            This advance formula provides the natural nutrients for adrenal gland function and is ideal for helping to “jump start” or “boost” the system.  It employs a natural synergistic affinity between vitamins B, the end result of this, and C, Zinc Manganese, Schizandra, Chinese Licorice and Adrenal Extract.
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  2. Essential Oil
    Anti-tumor Order the tape Clinical Research with Essential Oils by Dr. Gary Young (Total Health - 2001 - Toronto) 
    909-982-0486  Marlene Eshleman

  3. Outside Air
    Moved my bed out side and lived under the oak trees. During the cold air of the night I would just cover my head with a blanket and breathe the mixed warm and cold air. 
    - Using experimental animals they found out that tumor grow was twice as fast compared to animals kept in outdoor air, say Dr. Lorraine Day. 

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  1. Aloe Vera works on tumors
    Patient Successfully Treated With Aloe Vera for Liver Cancer; 17 Tumors Disappear

    Michael Arrington was diagnosed with liver cancer. Doctors found 17 tumors on his liver. One was the size of a baseball. Doctors gave the cancer victim 4 to 21 days to live. Six months after Mr. Arrington began taking only Aloe Vera as a supplement, Doctors examining the patient's X-rays could not find no trace of the tumors. 

    Taken from the cover of and has many similar stories:

    Aloe Vera 
    A Mission Discovered
    Lee Ritter P.O. Box 33683, Northglenn, Colorado, 80233

Links for Aloe Complete is the brand name: This is the only type I can recommend at this time. Aloe Vera 8 ounces a day a acute disease according to some of the research.  

Call the health food stores in your area and see if they have this product. 

Click here to order Aloe Complete



Food grade 35%, B-12, Aloe Complete, Salmon Oil which is mention also in the

Bible under cancer.


. ALOE COMPLETE GIVES YOU THE WHOLE-LEAF ADVANTAGE The leaf of the Aloe Vera plant contains the largest concentration of the nutrients responsible for Aloe Vera's celebrated qualities. The polysaccharides and Mucopolysaccharides (glucomannans), glycoproteins and associated growth factors that may be responsible for accelerating healing are found right under the surface of the leaf (the rind). Because the juice of the Aloe normally contains more than 99% naturally occurring water, we know that all the constituents together amount to less than 1%. Therefore, the plant's renowned actions and benefits must be brought about by very small amounts of nutrients. Today - we realize that the "whole leaf" should be harvested and processed carefully in its entirety to ensure that the valuable constituents are present in satisfactory amounts, and are not adversely altered by the method of preparation. After Aloe Complete leaves reach full maturity, they are carefully harvested by hand. The outer leaves, measuring over 2 feet in length, are then transported to our processing plant. There, the whole leaf is pulverized and, using our special room-temperature technique, the cellulose is dissolved and the aloin and aloe emodin are isolated and extracted. The result is an upgraded high-vacuum, low-temperature concentration - the superior, liquefied product rich in nutrients and Mucopolysaccharides that we bottle and distribute as Aloe Complete Whole Leaf Concentrate.
ALOE COMPLETE AC 101-105$23.95

 This brand only




  1. Enzymes               How to Order 

    If your doctor doesn't have you on enzymes??????? You better read all the articles on this subject.   

The Real Secret to Better Health



**** Almost all degenerative diseases stem from a lack of complete digestion and improper elimination of what we ingest into our bodies. 

**** You body requires enzymes and minerals to regulate every biochemical and metabolic process in our bodies as well as all living things. 

**** Protealyic enzymes have been found to increase the immune system's macrophage (white blood cell) activity by up to 700% and . . . 

****  Increase T-cell (cancer fighting cells) production and activity by as much as 1300% within a very short period of time after ingestion!

**** For the highest activity and complete digestion, you need 2 to 3 Ultimate Enzyme capsules with every meal and snack. 

Start living the life you were genetically designed to!

Lots more information on enzymes

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  1. Bacteria (Friendly)
          L. Salivarus (a colon bacteria) because of the cost, was added to cooked & blended with water millet until it was medium in thickness.  Then I would let after it cooled to room temperature and add the L. Salivarus. 
    L. Salivarus a colon bacteria was added to millet blended with water after it cooled to room temperature. I would let it stand for 3 days on top of the refrigerator. I would do a around 4 ounces to a cup at the first of the meal. Very important. Remove poisons the liver doesn't have the ability to remove. I've seem this friendly raise the dead.

    Perfect Stool Formula 

     has L Acidophilus, L. Salivarius, B. Bifidum and Bl Longum
    Each serving of 7 grams contains 2 billion of each of these 

    four strains of friendly flora . . . with so many other valuable items. Order from: 

    Order from: Vital Health Products Ltd. Phone 414-329-0648


    www.bioenergysystems.com  for supplies


    For more important information on bacteria and 

    deadly toxins in your gut

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  2. Shark/Bovine Cartilage
    I used shark cartilage to cut off the blood supply to the tumors. But I understand that raw bovine cartilage is cheaper and works as well. One caution is that with raw bovine cartilage it comes from cattle and the mineral content of the soil can be deficient. 


    shark & bovine cartilage http://store.yahoo.com/healthgenesis/bovi8500.html  


  3. Breathing Exercises
    Shallow breathers are the sick people. Learn to breathe properly. These people know how to increase the oxygen level within the body and how to breathe properly. www.oxycise.com or www.oxyciseplus.com  


    "20 minutes a day of deep breathing exercises clearly, dramatically escalates athletic performance and is the single most important in the effectiveness of all exercise. 


    U.S. Olympic 

    Training Committee 



    "Deep breathing techniques which increases oxygen to the cell are the most important factors in living a disease free and energetic life."


    Dr. Otto Warburg


    Institute of Cell Physiology

    Nobel Prize Winner (in twice in medicine - cancer) 



    The backbone of all exercise is to achieve an anaerobic state. Most people think to achieve an anaerobic state one has is running back and forth across the Jim floor.  

    The most important part of exercise is to get the oxygenated blood to the area in need. Running and  exercising is just to get us to learn how to breathe properly. Energy comes from oxygen and when we increase our oxygen intake, we increase the oxygen level within our bodies. 

    Anaerobic in Webster's Dictionary is "oxygen to the body".

    And remember that breathing excises should be done on an empty stomach. 

    Click here to view an excellent breathing exercise program.


              * I understand that if deep breathing and holding your breathe are applied then the cells get excited about dying, and it gets their attention and these cells take in more oxygen. Try blowing the breathe out completely and hold it. 

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  4. Calcium,Hydrochloric Acid, Vitamin-D
    Calcium is an alkaline and will not absorb into the body unless other elements are included. Proper levels of calcium are essential in properly raising the body's pH back toward normal and is extremely import in the healing process.  Some people have mentioned an increase in bone density by up to 4% in a year which is a lot.  Coral calcium  adds microorganisms which will gradually increase a persons food absorption by up to 10 times and  adds trace minerals into the body.  For more information click here To purchase top quality coral calcium go to  www.coralcalcium.com 

    Personally, I feel that coral calcium taken orally along with hydrating the body properly, and detoxifying the body of heavy metal
    are the 3 main elements in  destroying cancer (If my life depended on it winning at cancer, I would consider all the other bases too. Most of which are listed on this page).  The American & England Journal of Medicine show research covers issues concerning coral calcium and cancer.  The problem is most doctors don't have time to read these reports and are not allowed to treat their patients using natural elements.  The conventional medical doctor is force to treat with prescription drugs. 
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          Some of the foods I ate were canned sardines w/bones, canned salmon w/bones, maybe a can of olives with a piece garlic in each olive or green peas, lima beans, butter beans, were also eaten. A variety of vegetable and fruits were juiced or eaten, too. 
           Meals were in consideration of calcium or Vitamin B-17. 

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  5. Carrots
    Went through 25 lbs of carrot ever 2 to 3 weeks and my hands were turning orange.
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  6. Cayenne Pepper
    A shot glass of cayenne pepper maybe 3 times a day for a week or so. I was using around 18,000 heat units of cayenne pepper. 

    Cayenne pepper supports the production of hydrochloric acid.
    Low HLC is one of the symptoms of cancer and with out HLC your food does not get digested properly and this can cause major health problems. 

    : A lot of the cayenne pepper now days is around 80,000 to 240,000 heat units.  I did a shot glass of 80,000 units and almost died and ended up flushing the colon out with deep enemas (15 gallons of water) to get the stuff out.  I could hardly breath when the 80,000 heat units started being absorbed. 
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  7. Chart
    I made a chart up a simple chart to note things happing daily and which hour. Then made copies. Would date the page at the very top, recorded pH when ever it was taken and noted it somewhere at the top of the page, noted pain level of different parts of the body, noted the level of my mind, would list the foods eaten, enemas taken. As I stated something I would make it down and make changes afterwards if needed. Then I would review these pages occasionally to see pH, food habits, water consumption, etc

    Date:                       pH:                                            Date:              page # 1

                    Notes    Pain 1-10          Foods            Supplement            enemas  misc



     Pain-colon 8

        head 5

      bad attitude







    1:00 pm

































































     total toddy









     millet, garlic,  

     amino acids
















































    Blank Chart you can print

    A. Would write down notes down here and listed them by lettering it.   


    B. Lots of pain last night Back Pain = bb  Colon Pain cb 


    C. Make up acronyms. 1tt = 1 ounce Total Toddy 

                                        g = 1 pea size Germanium 

                                        cjg = carrot juice w/garlic 

                                        fw18 = formula water 18 = ounces

                                        ce1 = coffee enemas + how many needed

                                          e1 = enemas water 

                                       eflax = enemas flaxseed oil 500 cc & retained 1 hour.


    Keep It Simple and just try and remember to mark things down. For the first few days where a glove on one hand and every time you go to do something take the glove off and place it on the note pad. This will help you to remember to mark things down. If something gets marked down great, and if you forget then try to remember if possible and mark down or simply for get it. 



    Do what you can. 

    Make a list of needed items. Take a piece of paper and start writing things down. I kept this list on the wall at eye level and would add things to it. Note: If you make a list in the computer then save it but print what you have out.  

    Start growing some sprouts. I used large jars and put clothes over the tops held on with a rubber band. Used a 1/4 cup of seed in a gallon glass jar. 


    Maybe today make a chart on the computer. Buy some Lima Beans. Buy a supplement. Make a list of things to get. Take a nap before doing anything if you feel like it. 


    Kept the chart handy and spent the day trying to cover each item and it got easier at time went on.. I didn't waste time watch TV. My pleasures were taking a nap. 

    by Wayne

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    * A few important things I would do are get on Coral Complex because it aids in raising the cellular pH.  
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    * Formula water which is a blend I put together over the years from the information about the water from the "Lady of Lourds". 
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  8. Colloidal Silver 
    Colloidal Silver 
    Silver kills yeast. Yeast produces fermentation which cancer needs to feed off of. Kill yeast with silver and cancer gets real hungry. 
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    Transfer Factor Plus is over 500%  better than than any other products I have found

    Years ago we used the colostrum and it worked on everyone. Now days we have the transfer factor and it's working 10 times better. If there was a magic bullet, I would have to consider the the Transfer Factor Plus/ 

    "TRANSFER FACTOR Plus (Improves Immune System) 248% Rise in NK Cells Activity 


          Think this is the person whom we got the colostrums from. Buzz’s Sales RR # 5 Box 151 Huron, SD 57350-8809 and I have seen it raise people that we're almost dead from the chemotherapy and butchers.    
    Colostrum  Immune Enhancer 
    For Colostrum go to 
    and look for 
    Colostrum  Immune Enhancer

    * Also Click here to view the miracle substance within Colostrum called Lactoferrin

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  10. Echinacea
     was taken when I was headed for death. But I had a tendency to throw the dropper away and drink a 1/3 of the bottle at a time and maybe finish the bottle off in a day. And I'm not talking about a bottle of $10 health food store stuff which is better than nothing. I'm talking about a $37 bottle of Dr. Schultz Pharmacy Grade. POWERFUL
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  11. Enemas
    1 to 4 coffee enemas when the pain or my mind became unbearable. Caution: If your doing more than one enema a day on a regular bases then cover taking extra electrolytes or you can die. Refer to the "Gerson Therapy" by Max Gerson
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  1. Flaxseed Oil (emulsified with high lignan) & Paul Braggs Liquid Aminos
          Used about 3 tablespoons of Barlean's Organic Flaxseed Oils/high lignan and a good dash of Paul Braggs Liquid Aminos over the garlic and millet. Once I even used a half a cup as a 1 hour holding it in, enema. Dr. Budwig used 500 cc enemas (around a 1/2 of a cup) for people on the deathbed and pulled many through. 

    ***** 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of Organic Fax Seed Oil mixed well produces     natural interferon   within the human body. 

    - For Organic Flaxseed Oils
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  2. Forgave people
    Hatred by it's self can keep you body in an acidic state. 
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  3. Garlic & Millet
          A lot of meals would consist of 1 or 2 large bulbs of garlic and cooked millet per day. I ate so much garlic with the millet that it would burn my mouth.

    * Millet is a alkaline forming grain that is high in B-17. 

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  4. Germanium
    - Stimulates interferon which inhibits virus cells
    - Germanium promotes cell oxygen absorption which is the environment cancer finds hard to survive within. 

    I used germanium power daily. I would just row the small jar in my hand and get a large pea size amount and put it in my mouth. Germanium last about 24 hours within the body.

    One lady given "There is nothing we can do anymore, go home and die" used a gram a day for a week. In 3 weeks, the doctor was saying, I don't know what your doing, but you better keep it up. Your T-cells have gone from 400 to 1200. 1400 being normal. Yes, of course she was using other things. 

    Click here to read more about germanium

    Optimal nutrients (germanium)
    1163 Chess Drive, Suite F
    Foster City, CA 94404

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  5. H2O2
    When I consumed oral OXY + PLUS I would use the H2O2 + Aloe Vera Formula mixture all over my body except the area on the head.  
    * For a 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide contact http://azurefarm.com/. A quart (Item # HP004) should last over a year if the Aloe Vera formula is used.
    * http://azurefarm.com/ also handles Dr. Donsbach SuperOxy Oral formula. And a quart (Item # HP062) will be plenty. 

    Also try this site for more formulas. http://www.fearlessgardener.com/Products/BestProducts/HydrogenPeroxideHydroponic.htm

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  6. Hormones
    Don't remember what I was using for hormones. Dr. Schultz's (1-800-HerbDoc) or ProZone-12 (800-481-9987)
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  7. Hair Analyses
    I did a few hair analyses and ordered the diet and mineral suggestions. Was very impressed because the company even listed hydrochloric acid and adrenal gland as supplements being needed. (Low hydrochloric acid and stress adrenal glands are a common problem with cancer victims). Ordered suggested supplements from this company. I was high in cooper so they told me to stay from such foods as walnuts and avocado.  Think, I was also high with mercury. 

    * Remember that you can't always find high levels of mercury threw blood works or hair analyses. Some time a biopsy is needed to find the mercury. But according to the 21st Century Clinic in the past 25 years every cancer patient they treated had a toxic mercury level. 

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  8. IRIDOLOGY (Seeing what wrong by looking at the eyes)  
                    BERNARD JENSEN, D. C, N. D. 
                             Route 1 Box 52

                     24360 Old Wagon Road   

                   Escondido, California 92025

    By way of definition, iridology is a science whereby the doctor or operator can tell from the markings or signs in the iris of the eye the reflex condition of the various organs of the body. In other wards, it is the science of determining acute, sub-acute, chronic, and destructive stages in the affected organs of the body through their corresponding areas in the iris. Drug deposits, inherent weaknesses and living habits of the patients are also revealed in the iris of the eye. 

    Many authors use the term "Iridiagnosis" or "Irisdiagnosis," but I prefer the use of "Iridology" because I feel the science is not the last word in determining the diagnosis of the patient according to the generally accepted methods. It reveals inherent characteristics of the tissues in an organ. It shows tissue changes resulting from proper or improper treatment. It is a check-up on both the patient and the doctors as to whether the patient is improving. It is a diagnosis that works hand in hand with natural habits of living which build health and eradicate disease. 
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  9. Liver Supplements


    1. Liver Flush  

    2. Dr. Schultz's Liver & Gallbladder herbs 

    3. Great American Products

    4. Dandelion herb 

    Lots more information on Liver & Gallbladder cleanses

    The liver is one of the most important organs of the body and people who are sick normally have a sluggish liver. A liver flush to clean the liver should be considered. It drastically improves the performance of the liver and improves your well being. 

    Famous Liver & Gallbladder Flush

    You want to consider purchasing Super Phos 30 (4 oz.) with instructions
    Also order "The Famous Liver Flush" report $2

    Brown Distributing

    P.O. Box 414

    Burleson, Texas 76097

    (817) 426-0034

    Attn: Shirley

    Email sjbrown@mail.com

    Click: Dr. Schultz's also has great herbs for the liver & gallbladder for additional benefits and cleansing aid 

     I use to juice carrots & liver together. But cattle livers became to toxic over time because of the all the injections. We noted this when the Gerson Therapy mentioned losing several patients do to consuming toxic livers.  

     Today I use liver supplements or livers from salmon that I get from popular fishing holes. Priceless raw livers from the sea salmon or steelhead coming up the river. Asked people if you can clean their salmon for the guts while the fish is still alive. That your fighting cancer and need the live enzymes. Then put the liver into ice immediately and the enzymes are considered good for up to 96 hours. Grind livers with carrots and press the liquid out and drink immediately.  

    After the livers got older than this, I just cook some of the livers for the mineral content. I always took enzymes capsules 15 minutes prior to the meal when eating cooked foods. I was also taking enzymes between meals too.   
Ps If someone has a good source of liver supplements please let me know. 

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  1. Magnet
    and kept a 1000 gauss magnet over the pain all the time except when I was strong enough to take a shower. After a week, I started noticing a reduction in pain and I could actually get some sleep. 

    Note that even though I kept a magnet on my body day and night, it is best to remove the magnet during sleep (about 8 hours) to give the body a rest. It has been found that faster healing rate is accomplished when a 8 hour break is taken from the magnets. But remember this is not the way I accomplished getting well. 

    Robert Barefoot (biochemist) states that magnet fields are necessary to ionize the calcium within your body. The main element that raises the body's pH back towards normal and healthy. And since the magnetic fields on the earth have gone down by about 50%, it makes sense to wear the north side of a magnet on your body. 

    Click here for valuable information on magnets   (must read) 

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  2. Minerals--plant derived--plus vitamins
           I remember doing around 3 ounces of plant derived total toddy daily (complete plant derived mineral and vitamins),
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  3. Mercury—Silver fillings
    21 Century Clinic states, "
    In 25 years of practice we have never seen a cancer patient without toxic levels of mercury.
            Mercury is a deadly poison, which paralyzes the immune system. With a compromised immune system the cancer is now free to explode. By the time cancer is found it has been growing for many years.
              Detoxification: First we remove amalgam fillings and root canals, then we begin to flush the mercury out of the body. We monitor detoxification and the removal of mercury by collecting the urine and checking for mercury concentrations. As the mercury level drops, the immune system begins to improve. This allows the immune system to again begin attacking the cancer microbe".


            I have survived over 11 years using natural elements and had all my mercury fillings and root channels taken out at Dr. Huggins Office in in Colorado. Note: At the last 28th Annual Cancer Conventions one of the doctors mentioned that the filling should not be taken out until the person has started into remission. That the mercury within cells should be removed using products such as  www.Concentrated Seaweed Extract Modiflan (40 X's more powerful than seaweed) & www.ImuPlus which both removes heavy metals.  


            One lady had major health problems from birth for 28 years and never had any mercury put into her body. The doctor had determined that the mercury was transmitted from her mother.   


            Another doctor mentioned that the mercury from one filling would is enough to contaminant a 10 acre lake 70 feet deep. EPA would order the lake shut down from drinking, bathing, swimming, fishing and even boating. He mentioned, "That the FDA never approved the use of mercury filling".    

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  4. Organic Foods Only

        You want to get well then organic foods only. People trying to survive on commercially grown foods hardly ever make it. I've seen many people start getting better within a couple weeks mainly by switching totally the type of foods they were eating. Commercially grown to organically grown. If you in an area that these foods are not available then one can locate organic seeds and sprout them. Then make great salads out of them.  

    Chemicals going into your body.


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  5. Outside Air
    Moved my bed out side and lived under the oak trees. During the cold air of the night I would just cover my head with a blanket and breathe the mixed warm and cold air. 

    Using experimental animals they found out that tumor grow was twice as fast compared to animals kept in outdoor air, say Dr. Lorraine Day. 

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  6. Outdoors living
    I moved outdoors and lived under the indirect light of the Oak trees. 

    Dr. Day mentions, that research has proven that sunlight reduces the size of internal cancerous tumors, builds the immune system, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure. 
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    Parasites are a very seriously symptom with cancer. And Dr. Clark formula is suppose to be among the best. 
    The parasite herbs can be purchased here:


    or here:



     Candida albicans herbs
     Peppermint oil ( Is one of the main oils Essential Oils taken orally that they

     have been having so much success KILLING parities that other herbs couldn't destroy

     Contact:Marlene Eshleman 909-982-0486 about Peppermint oil internally 


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  8. The Power of Lemon
    Organic. I did this before every meal. 

    The elements contained within the skin of the lemon are 

    so powerful & important in getting well. 

    For a change, add an entire ground lemon including the rind to this gallon of water. Use a blender with a couple cups of water and cut lemon into 3 to 4 pieces and blend for several minutes. If possible press or strain and add to the one-gallon of water you have prepared separate from your drinking water. Or just do a couple table spoons of the concentrated form just before a meal.

    : Try not getting the lemon on the teeth. Use a

    straw when drinking and rinse month with water.

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  9. Red Grape or Skins

    Healing 2000 Fall
    By Dr. William Campbell Douglass 

    Fights Cancer 3 Different Ways.
    Scientists all over the world are going wild over Resveratrol. A bioflavonoid found in GRAPE SKINS. 
    Why? Because Resveratrol does triple-duty in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Not only is it a powerful antioxidant that prevents the formation of tumors, but it also halts the spread of cancer and actually stops existing cancer in its tracks!

    In one control study, performed on mice, Resveratrol reduced the number of skin-cancer tumors by up to 98%. And in another study, when Resveratrol was added to a test tube of human leukemia cells, it stopped the production of abnormal cells. In effect, it turned a culture of cancer cells into a culture of normal ones!

    But that not all. Resveratrol was shown to inhibit the body's production of a dangerous enzyme call COX (cycoloxygenase). The enzyme stimulates tumor cell growth and suppresses "immune surveillance," the early warning system that tells your body to attack cancerous cells. So by reducing COX, Resveratrol halts the chain reaction that leads to the spread of cancer though the body.

    Second Opinion
    PO Box 467939
    Atlanta, GA 31146-7939
    (707) 399-5617
    "101 Forbidden Cures"
    "Prostate Problems"
    "Bad Medicine" 

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  10. Hydrochloric Acid
    Talked to Bill this morning and he was asking about all the gas he is experiencing doing the Gerson Therapy at home. 
    * Please read the directions in the book more carefully. 
    * Cancer victims are low in hydrochloric acid which is causing the gas problem. * The foods are not digesting but fermenting. Cancer patients don't need anymore cancer from the fermentation problem.
    * The Gerson Therapy clearly states taking hydrochloric acid. 
    Entire lemon w/seeds & rind before a meal help also.  I 
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  11. Soap
    Showering, washing clothes and doing dishes I used Dr. Bronner's PURE-CASTILE SOAP.
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  12. Shower Filter
    Hot & cold showers (5 minutes each for 20 to 30 minutes) using a shower filter.
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  13. Stone Removal--Organ
    During this time I did a couple liver flushes to get the stones from the liver and gallbladder.   What a different it made in my physical strength & the immune system performance. 

    Some people have gotten stones out that were the size of a golf ball. I got around 200 stones out and I hear many people get at least 80 stones out.  

    1. Here is the type of liver cleanse I did. 

    * For more information or the liver flush send $2 to:
    * Super Phos 30 (4 oz.) . . . . . . $25 plus $6 shipping. 
    * Three bottles, (save $6) . . . .  $69 plus $6 shipping. 

    Note: This is the only brand of ortho-phosphoric acid this editor recommends. Other brands can be diluted and of inferior quality. May not work right. Buyer beware.  

                                     Brown Distributing

                                     P.O. Box  414

                                     Burleson, TX 76097

                                     (817) 426-0034

                            Attn: Shirley

                            Email sjbrown@mail.com



    Click: Dr. Schultz's also has great herbs for the liver & gallbladder for additional benefits and cleansing aid 



    Other great liver products. As a service to readers, I prepared a list of the most powerful liver products made. It's just one page, but it took years to compile: four different companies. One of these formulas is great for
    hepatitis A, B and C. One of these products is great for alcoholics


                              Send $1 plus stamp for a copy of, "

                                   Unknown LIVER Products." 

                                   After Everything FAILS Health Report

                                   P.O. Box 1106

                                   Dayton, Virginia 22821.  


    Another type of liver stone removal

    Gallstone and kidney stone formation

    Gallstone symptoms and gallstone removal



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  15. Taheeho
    I understand that Taheebo has been used for lung cancer successfully and other type of cancer. 
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  16. Testing the body temperature

    A correct temperature is extremely important when fighting disease. 

    click here to view how to TEST BODY TEMPERATURE

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  17. Testing salvia pH with Litmus paper. My pH was 4.2 which is more than a thousand times more acidic than normal. When a body is deficient of certain minerals it slowly starts storing acid which lows the body's pH into a deadly state that cancer needs to exist. 

    Terminal cancer victims are around 1000 times more acidic than normal. To test for this simply wet Litmus paper 2 hours after a meal and compare it to the chart. Normal is around 7.43. If you actually have cancer you're reading should will below 5.8. 

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  18. Tumors
    if anyone has more coverage on this issue, please send it to me. I have very little research showing how to reduce tumor rapidly. 

    RNA as it's called in the health food stores. Interferon Ribo Nucleic Acid Ribo-nucleic acid. 
    As Dr. Cannon states, "tumors are just a virus" and they can be destroyed by the use of RNA."
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  19. Water
    After getting up I would drink a liter of formula water or a couple glasses or freshly made juice. During the day I would attempt to drink up to a gallon of water. About 30 minutes prior to a meal I would drink around 12 to 14 ounces of water so the immune system wouldn't have to give up its performance to supply water to the colon. 

    "Cells are 75% water and brain cells are 85%. The body loses around 10 glasses of water a day. If the cells are deficient in water then it gets sick.  Sodas are a diuretic which removes more liquid than taken in", says Dr. Day.  

    Water Formula
    Use a wide mouth jar, add distilled water (tape north side of magnet to jar, add 2 bags coral calcium per gallon. Add around 14 drops H202 per gallon, let jar set in sunshine maybe all day or at least a couple hours) Note: Reuse the coral calcium bags but let them set 48 hours the second time. Note: It is best and more of the healing elements are absorbed into the body when coral calcium is taken orally. Use www.coralcalcium.com 

    ***** The Official Willard Water Website
    The name of healing is to get water into the cells. Willard water makes no claims but one should consider trying it. Read more at the site listed below. Seems to work for plants and people. Sick people are dehydrated and it is hard to get water back into the cells. I don't care if you drink 10 gallons of water a day. The chemical balance of water has to be absorbable passed the cell walls. It appears there is something special going on with people and plants when Willard Water is used. Absorbable & towards good health. 
    http://www.fearlessgardener.com/Products/BestProducts/WillardsWaterHydroponics.htmThe Official Willard Water Website
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  1. Colostrums
          Think this is the person whom we got the colostrums from. Buzz’s Sales RR # 5 Box 151 Huron, SD 57350-8809 and I have seen it raise people that we're almost dead from the chemotherapy and butchers.    

    * Colostrum  Immune Enhancer 
    For Colostrum go to 
    and look for 
    Colostrum  Immune Enhancer

    * Also Click here to view the miracle substance within Colostrum called Lactoferrin


    * Transfer Factor Plus is 10 times better than Colostrum.  Or 200% better 

    Years ago we used the colostrum and it worked on everyone. Now days we have the transfer factor and it's working 10 times better. If there was a magic bullet, I would have to consider the the Transfer Factor Plus/ 

    "TRANSFER FACTOR Plus (Improves Immune System) 248% Rise in NK Cells Activity 
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  2. Vitamins
    Vitamin-A, Extra Vitamin C and E. 
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  1. ...Vit-17 known as Laetrile 

    I did a lot of millet and garlic. Fifteen minutes before I would eat the cooked millet I would take enzymes capsules. Basically the millet cooks like a rice. I would do a bulb of garlic or more with a bowl of millet. And a couple tablespoonfuls of Barleans' Organic Oil with a dash of Paul Braggs Aminos. Sometimes, a little cayenne pepper. 


    Foods that contain Vit-17 Millet and buckwheat, apricot & peach pits, apple seeds, seeds of prunes, plums, cherries, and nectarines, Macadamia nuts, bamboo shoots, mung beans, lima beans, butter beans peas and seeds of common fruit.    



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  2. Yogurt
    Ate the best yogurt for friendly bacteria and as a special treat. I made my own from RAW goats' milk. Fresh tastes great but after 6 days goat milk starts getting strong. I would purchase it as it came out of the tit. Buy quality organic raw if possible and blend some fruit for a treat.
         Read one report that stated that they feed lab mice that had cancer and all of them got totally well.

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  3. Sprouts
    Grew a combination of a combination of sprouts. Rinsed in a solution of a gallon of water and about 40 drops of 35% H202 for 15 minutes. Sprouts are the highest level of food because the food is alive. I would use a couple tablespoons of Barlean's Organic Flax Seed oil with a few dashes of Paul Braggs Aminos with onions and some a little garlic. 
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  4. Wheat Grass
    Around 2 ounces of the alkalizing wheat grass juice a day. One ounce was used in the front end and another ounce used in the back end. I simply grew it using beer cartons and purchased organic soil. Spread long or hard wheat berries in this soil until it got about 4" tail. Soak (germinate) the wheat berries in water and some H2O2 for 24 hours. 
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  5. Another alkalizer
    I used a barley juice. http://members.tripod.com/~jlfymg/html/default_dr_morter_alkaline.html 
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  6. Vitamin B-12
    Injected and dissolved under the tongue subliminal. Blue green algae is high in Vitamin B-12.  
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  7. Thymus 
    This is one of the supplements that turn on your immune system.
    Used ThymuPlex by  a company called Enzymatic Therapy but couldn't locate this company. Found another company on the web and there is information and sales available.  (http://www.smart-drugs.net/ias-thymus.htm)
    Used some kind of a product to bring my thymus performance backup. 
    Click here to view information on Thymus

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  8. Selenium
    From "Miracle Food Cures From The Bible" by  Reese Dubin

    Miracle within Selenium

    "It's time to stop ignoring the facts?" say Richard A Passwater, PH.D., in his book, Selenium as Food & Medicine. "If you want to maintain your good health, increase your resistance to disease, and assure a long and energetic life, it is vitally important that you increase your intake of selenium." 

    Selenium protects the membranes of each of our body's 60 trillion cells. "In so doing," says Passwater, "it prevents the decay of cellular function. . . . <The average reader> may not appreciate the role selenium plays in protecting the body against a whole host of diseases. . . . I have demonstrated selenium's effectiveness repeatedly in my own laboratory . . . I know that selenium is protective against cancer, heart disease, and premature aging." Dr. Passwater continues:

    Cancer—“Current evidence suggests that improved selenium nutrition can reduce cancer risk. . . . In other words, the more selenium consumed the lower the incidence of cancer. . . . <circa 1980> several physicians have found that when sufficient selenium is ingested by cancer patients to raise their blood levels of selenium to the desired range, their tumors began to shrink. . . . "

    Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer of the University of California says: "If every woman in America started taking selenium today," or had a high-selenium diet, within a few years the breast cancer rate in this country would drastically decline. . . . Selenium is a giant step toward preventing cancerit is a major breakthrough. . . . If selenium were used properly as a preventive measure against cancer, I think it's possible that it would enable us to cut the mortality rate from almost all cancers by 80 to 90 percent in this country. 

    Based on epidemiological studies, Dr. Raymond Shamberger of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation advises people to increase their intake of selenium to 200 micrograms a day, because "it can reduce the cancer rate dramatically for some type of cancers, particularly cancer of the colon, breast, esophagus, tongue, stomach, intestine, rectum, and bladder."

    This is probably a regular dose and one should double or triple the amount when fighting a disease because of the deficiency within their body. 

    Selenium can be taken orally or can be moistened with Aloe Vera or water and applied to the area. The skin absorption rate is around 60% and this directs the Selenium into the area most needed. 


  9. Hot & Cold Showers
    5 minutes hot and 5 minutes cold. Did this several times during the shower. 

  10. Cancer Herbs & foods


     Aloe Vera Complete


     barley (raises pH)



     clove oil (superior antioxidant)

     cod-liver oil


     Essiac  garlic

     olive oil

     omega-3 food

     procyanidins extracts

     radish oil.

     shark-liver oil


    Ken Graw covers these areas and it's great to see their organization covering the kelp ( toxic mercury levels ) and the Myrrh. 

    Lemon Balm

    St John's Wort







    Spirulina 3000-6000 mg per day

    Vitamin C 3000-6000 mg per day

    Grapeseed extract 450 mg per day

    Ginger 1500 mg per day

    Kelp 1000-1500 mg per day

    Essential Fatty Acids 3 tablespoons per day plus some form of probiotic like homemade Kefir, homemade yogurt, or purchase from your health food store - Acidophilus Bifidus combination

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