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Substance within colostrum

Lactoferrin is a substance within colostrum. Back about 9 years ago I've seen colostrum totally turn a deathbed patient around. A patient that the medical profession gave 90 days to live. 

By www.heathsciences.com 

"It may soon make state-of-the-art treatments like radiation and chemotherapy seem as primitive and absurd as blood-letting"

Some call it a miracle worker, but its proper name is Lactoferrin. 

In one widely reported case, a patient who hadn't been responding well to a program of natural therapies suddenly showed almost miraculous improvement when Lactoferrin was added to her regime. This seemingly "hopeless" case was transformed into a remarkable recoveryall thanks to Lactoferrin. 

What is it? 

Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein found in mother's first milk (colostrum). It's role after birth is fascinating. 

During pregnancy, the mother's immune system must be "turned down: to avoid the rejection of the fetus. It is, after all, a foreign object. To scale down the sensitivity of the immune system, a substance called isoferritin is introduced to the womb environment. 

Upon birth, Lactoferrin is produced in the mother's first milk. The Lactoferrin suppresses the isoferritin (for this reason, pregnant women should NOT take lactoferrin) and "turns up" the immune systems of both mother and child. It supplies the newborn with a shot of pure motherly good that permeates every cell of his body, fending off bacterial, viral, fungal, and protozoal pathogens, making sure everything's okay. 

In fact, it appears Lactoferrin actually "switches on" specific strands of DNA in the baby's genes, activating the immune system. 

There's no known protein that will do that. There isn't even a category for such a protein. Lactoferrin is in a class all of its own. 

The Lactoferrin Miracle

Lactoferrin has shown remarkable results in the treatment of many types of cancer, including leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, and cancers involving the breast, colon, and lung. 

What's more, case histories indicate that Lactoferrin also helps to diminish or eliminate the negative effects of radiation and chemo!

In addition, people suffering from certain lymphomas and renal disease tend to have an elevated amount of isoferritin in their blood. This suggests that Lactoferrin could play a decisive role in the treatment of these diseases in the future. 

Lactoferrin is also a ferocious antioxidant, preventing free radicals from destroying cells in your body. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation, stave off viruses (including HIV), and speed recovery from stroke

Now you may be asking yourself: 

"If Lactoferrin's so powerful, how come I haven't heard of it?"

Very simple.

There's on thing very wrong with Lactoferrin: it's completely natural—and you can't patent a natural substance.

"Unfortunately" lactoferrin is most potent just as it is, unmodified. No drug manufacturer is going to invest the millions it takes to get an FDA approval for a natural substance.

Lactoferrin is a truly amazing discovery. And members of Health Sciences Institute were among the first to learn about it over three years ago. They've learned to expect such discoveries every month, in the pages of their Members Alert, where we continue to bring them the most cutting-edge discoveriesas soon as they're available.

Of course, cancer of any kind should always be treated in cooperation with a health professionalbut that doesn't mean you should leave everything up to them. Lactoferrin's for real. Tell your doctor about it.

You'll find the whole lactoferrin story in you FREE Urgent Health Alert Library report Beyond chemotherapy: New Cancer Killers, Safe as Mother's Milk (details on page 58). I urge you to read it. Even if you don't need its anti-cancer prowess in you corner, lactoferrin can still change you life.

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