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  2. Is Your Daughter Still Alive? 
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Patient Testimonials
Two Months to Live

By Jan Marcussen

The doctor started him in a treatment program. At the end of three months Mr. Russell went to see his surgeon.

"Here I am," he said, walking into his office.

"You're still alive!" the surgeon blurted out.

He admitted him into the hospital, giving him the usual tests, colonoscopy, scanning x-rays, etc. No cancer was to be seen.

"I can't believe this," the surgeon declared. "I'm going to cut you open."

"Go right ahead," Mr. Russell said.

He was admitted that day. The next morning he was cut open. The colon, liver, kidneys and surrounding areas were checked. No cancer. The unconscious Mr. Russell was wheeled into the recovery room. After he was in his own room and alert, the surgeon came in to give the give the news and talk with him before discharging him. No cancer was found.

"It's just a coincidence," the surgeon said before releasing him to go home.

"Just a coincidence!"

What had the other doctor given him each day? And what had he given the other twenty-four people who were still alive? Twenty-four others had also been dying with cancer.

The body is a masterpiece of God's creation. Made of muscle, bone, blood and breath, it is built for performance. Many rust out from lack of exercise. Mr. Russell's health depended on it even while fighting cancer. While exercising, he received a dose of something else that is vital to life - fresh air.

His mental outlook was very important. The doctor told him to play hymns in the background, (not jazzy hymns, or rock music with religious words, but uplifting, holy hymns by which to praise God). He was not to allow
Mr. Russell sat sprawled across the doctor's desk bleeding from the nose and mouth. His surgeon had given him two months to live. He half sat, half laid there crying.

"I felt like crying too," the doctor told me, as he related the incident. "The radiation and chemotherapy had caused him to bleed from the nose, mouth and rectum. He was in a lot of pain."

The cancer had blocked his colon, and metastases permeated to the liver and kidneys. Surgery had unblocked the colon, so that he could function for a while, but really, medical science gave him little hope.

"I can't treat you any more," the surgeon had told him. He let him know that he need not come back to see him. He could just go home and die in peace. No wonder he was crying.

"My father has colon cancer," his son said. Then came the question from the trembling lips of a man who was being murdered from the inside, "Can you help me?"

From his busy schedule as a minister, his son, Pastor Russell, had brought his dad to a doctor whom he had only heard of by word of mouth What butterflies were in his stomach as he drove through the busy traffic to the doctor's Orlando office. What groans and prayers were going through him as he talked with the doctor, as he looked down at that dear one in the chair, dying!

"Will you do exactly what I tell you?" the doctor asked.

"I'll do anything," came the sob.

...cancer had blocked his colon, ...permeated to the liver and kidneys

                        any negative thoughts of past, present, or future to stay in his mind. He was to think happy, thankful thoughts. He was to educate his mind and lips to speak God's praise - continually.

Doing this was very important for several reasons. One: the above frame of mind is restful. Rest is one of the vital factors of health. Rest of body, mind and spirit were needed. Mr. Russell was to receive adequate time for sleep, but that wasn't all. By developing an attitude of constant praise to God for His blessings, he received rest of mind and spirit. Two: this training his mind to constant praise developed in him faith, trust; trust in Divine power to heal him. The doctor told me that he does not take credit for healing Mr. Russell, or any of the other people. He told me that he knows that God did it. The doctor said, "Always smile and pray." Prayer, constant prayer with thanksgiving, is what would draw Mr. Russell close to God. He must be willing to fully trust and obey God. Mr. Russell's will must be totally surrendered to his Creator, for His will to be done.

Walking outside also gave Mr. Russell sunshine, an element of healing and life. Not too much, but just enough as he walked each day. Some authorities say that light controls more of our body functions than anything else except food. It dilates blood vessels, increases circulation and rids the body of toxins.

At the end of the treatment all of the doctor's patients are ideally vegetarians. He warned Mr. Russell that if he wanted to get cancer again, he should go back to eating the way he did before. Unfortunately, Mr. Russell did go back to his old way and he did get cancer again. The doctor told me that he had never seen this happen before. I called Mr. Russell and, sure enough, he confirmed that he did. This time it was lung cancer. The regular doctor wanted to give him chemotherapy and radiation again.

"No thanks," he said. He went back to the diet and - is it possible? I asked him, "You weren't cured of cancer the second time, were you?"

"I sure was," he said triumphantly. He went on praising and giving glory to God. I don't think that anyone has ever experienced it twice and lived. Mr. Russell is now eighty-four.

Patient Testimonials
Is Your Daughter Still Alive?

medical permission, unless by court decree, they knew they would actually have to kidnap their own daughter in order to save her life!

They quietly went about their strategy, putting their home up for sale and drastically reducing the price when it did not sell in thirty days. It worked! They closed the deal and carefully transferred the money in order to have the cash they would need to escape. They sold everything, quit their jobs and packed up the car and U-Haul trailer. All that remained was to somehow get Jenny out of the unit! It would not be easy. Her father parked the car and trailer in the far back lot of the hospital. They went in at eight in the morning to see Jenny. The unit was swarming with people! There was no way they could sneak her out yet. The hours dragged by until about six in the evening. Finally there was no one around. Quickly they bundled Jenny up and spirited her out to the car. Now began a desperate escape to Florida.

The hospital staff, mercifully, did not discover Jenny was missing until ten that night. They paged, "Jenny Hendricks, please return to your unit!" No answer. She was not to be found. Frantic calls to her home phone produced the usual "This number has been disconnected." Finally the police were called in. Something strange had happened. As it became clear that the whole family had disappeared, the FBI was called in. The Hendricks were now wanted for kidnapping their own daughter. An All Points Bulletin was published for three days in the Chicago papers.

By this time, however, they were safely located in Tampa, Florida and soon found their way to the doctor's office in Orlando. Of course, they never told the doctor about their desperate escape or he would never have agreed to take Jenny as a
Yet another call came from Jenny Hendricks' school, "Your daughter is ill, please come and pick her up." Worry etched on her face, Jenny's mom got in her car and headed to the school. What could be wrong with her? Usually such a good student, she was lagging in her work and so tired and listless all the time. It was time to see a doctor.

After the usual lab work, the Jenny's parents were called to the doctor's office for a conference. "Mr. And Mrs. Hendricks, I'm afraid I have bad news. Your daughter has leukemia." The doctor's words scarcely sunk in. How could it happen to their bright and active thirteen year old? Why her?

"We will admit her to Children's Leukemia Hospital for a course of radiation and chemotherapy," was the doctor's plan of action. It was one of Chicago's finest hospitals; surely they could get this thing under control.

So began the long and painful struggle for Jenny's life. It grieved her parents to see how she had to suffer. All the usual symptoms, hair loss, lethargy, weight loss. She looked so sick and pale. Her mom couldn't help but notice, as she visited Jenny day after day, that there was a steady stream of sad, sheet draped forms being wheeled out of her unit. Child after child succumbed to the dreadful disease and its harsh treatments.

Panic gripped her mother's heart. "If we leave Jenny here, she will soon be one of those bodies being wheeled out," she told her husband that night. "We've got to do something!" That something came in the form of a quiet suggestion from one of the nurses at Jenny's hospital. "There is a doctor in Orlando, Florida. I believe he can help Jenny," the nurse said.

Ready to snatch at any hope, the Hendricks launched a desperate plan. Since the State of Illinois law forbid parents from withdrawing a minor child from a medical institution without . . . . 

Your daughter has leukemia.
The Hendricks were now wanted for kidnapping their own daughter.

                    patient. It would have been unethical, not to say downright dangerous!

As he questioned them regarding Jenny's history and eating habits, a clear pattern emerged. From the age of three she had been quite fond of chocolate, McDonald's hamburgers, French fries, and cokes. Her doting mother had allowed her to have all she wanted; it was much easier for a working mom to stop by the fast food place than to fix a meal much of the time. Jenny had even brought a supply of cokes to the doctor's office. The doctor asked them if they were willing to follow his directions completely. "Yes, yes!" they answered. "Then, we will begin today," he responded.

Leukemia is caused when the bone marrow malfunctions, due to such things as ingesting chemicals and junk food. The necessary blood elements are deficient or misshapen. Vital white blood cells are weak, poor in shape and ineffective, though produced in huge quantities. Jenny's white cell count at the hospital had been 200,000!

The doctor started her on the juice fasting, and herbs the first week. She began to suffer serious withdrawal symptoms from all the things she had been eating and receiving in medications. She experienced diarrhea, pain, weakness and cried pitifully to her mother. The doctor encouraged her to hang on; it would get better. The second week showed improvement. Finally, after three months in the program, her parents took her to another doctor to have blood work done. They did not want to leave a paper trail to the doctor who had helped her so. The white cell count was down to 30,000!

After six months of the natural discipline, Jenny's count had come down to a very normal 6,000. She was healed. Today, as of this writing, ten years have passed in her life and her mother reports that she is a happily married twenty-three year old mother with two children. But there is one more chapter to report in her story.

Three years after the Hendricks kidnapped their daughter to save her life, the FBI finally located them. They had not changed their names. Jenny's mother received a phone call one day and was stunned to hear the voice of her former doctor from Chicago. His first words were, "Is your daughter still alive?" When she joyfully reported that she was, he simply said, "Don't bring her here. We will release her and drop all charges, then." Before she hung up, Jenny's mom had a question for the doctor. "Tell me, what became of the rest of the patients who were in her unit?" The sad answer came, "They all died."


From the age of three ...chocolate, McDonald's hamburgers, French fries, and cokes
...rest of the patients ...in her unit

...all died

Jenny's white cell count at the hospital ...200,000

Patient Testimonials
The Best Medicine Is NO Medicine!

The toll

By the age of forty-five I weighed two hundred and seventy pounds, with high blood pressure (165/95), high cholesterol (300) and triglycerides (470). The good or bad cholesterol could not be gauged in a test. Often my early mornings were spent trying to straighten up, for, I would get out of bed crooked and bent over. My legs and feet bothered me if I didn't wear thick soled shoes. I managed to keep busy, but was not athletically active. The weight kept me uncomfortable most of the time and although I went through the motions, it limited me.

The treatment

With the onset of diabetes symptoms, I sought out and trusted the medical community for treatment and got exactly that. I was prescribed two types of cholesterol medicine (Gemfibrozil - 600mg, twice a day and Lipitor 40mg, once a day) and two types of diabetes medicine (Resulin 400mg, once a day and Glucaphage 850mg, twice a day). Diets were mentioned and attempted but nothing seemed to work. Most of the emphasis was directed toward the use of drugs for control of my symptoms. These drugs may be very good for some, but for me … I hated every minute of it. I just did not feel right; I was off my normal self. My short-term memory was gone. I needed a pen and pad at work; even the littlest of thoughts would escape me. My memory was always very sharp and I rarely needed to take notes at or for work. After taking the drugs that changed and I hated that. The Gemfibrozil was even a danger to me. While driving I would see a stop sign plain as day, but not stop `til the very last minute, even having to slam on the brakes. There had to be a better way.

The cure

I talked to a friend I had done business with through the years, who had recently been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He explained how traditional medication had failed him. A botched operation had allowed the cancer to spread and was now inoperable. He went on to say he had found a
doctor who, through nutrition had helped improve his health and save his life. I called the doctor the next day and made an appointment. I was pleased with the time he spent talking to me, appraising my condition and explaining his program. I was impressed and anxious to get started right away. My progress has been as follows:


The drugs I had been taking worked some.

Before treatment

My glucose 231

Cholesterol 306

Triglycerides 470

My blood pressure 165/96

My pulse 110

Within ten days          I lost 15 pounds

My blood glucose before meals dropped from 231 to 120, a rate of about 10 points per day. This was without taking any medicine!

My cholesterol 256

My triglycerides 211

My blood pressure 125/80

My pulse 70

In two treatments of the program, shoulder pain that I had endured for several years was completely gone.

I could speak volumes on how my mental well-being has improved and my energy level has increased. The body is remarkable in how it can and will react to proper treatment. I owe it all to the teachings, treatment and guidance of this doctor!

Robert S. Patrick

Patient Testimonials
Thank You, Lord
I am a forty-six year old woman, struggling with the effects of silicone poisoning in my body. I received silicone breast implants in 1980, supposedly "perfectly safe" for a lifetime.

Shortly after, I started developing various health problems, unexplained rashes, chronic sore throats and severe allergic reactions. I also experienced a burning pain on my breasts leaving the skin raw and tender. I began having debilitating headaches and resulting nausea.

By 1982 I had to have a complete hysterectomy, due to endometriosis and hyperplasia, having had two dilation and curettage procedures for my uncontrollable menstrual bleeding, all to no avail.

Over the next several years my health continued to deteriorate. I experienced numbness and tingling in my arms, short term memory  loss, problems with dry eyes and mouth, allergies and constant fatigue and  flu-like symptoms and irritable bowel syndrome.

By 1989 I became severely ill with what the doctors misdiagnosed as "cat scratch fever". I experienced debilitating fatigue, high fevers, vomiting, all over soreness and swollen glands. The "cat scratch" test panel proved negative which left the doctors baffled. The actual sickness lasted six or seven weeks, but from that point I felt I never actually got over it. All the symptoms seemed to linger and bother me chronically to varying degrees.

I questioned my doctors about my health problems being related to my breast implants, but was told not to worry about them. Routine mammograms showed no visible ruptures so, doctors felt my implants were still intact.

In 1995 I went for a routine mammogram. Again the implants looked perfectly fine, but the watchful eye of a concerned radiologist detected what appeared to be silicone in my lymph nodes under my arm.

Within two weeks I was scheduled to have my implants removed. At the time of removal it was discovered that both implants had ruptured.

During the three years after the removal of my implants, my condition worsened as I still dealt with the effects of the silicone in my lymph nodes and consequently into my entire lymphatic system. The pain in my shoulders and back became unbearable and headaches almost nonstop in duration. Conventional doctors say there is no known way to remove silicone from the system completely and drugs to mask the symptoms seem the only help they can offer to women in my condition. This became very discouraging.

Since I believe my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is bigger than the silicone problem, I prayed and asked the Him to show me exactly what to do with my health situation. After all, He is my Creator and knows my body the best! Through a very dear and friend I was brought to this very special doctor. He explained to me that he had a program that could help me in a natural way.

On September 28, I entered the three week cleansing program. As I started my hands were cracked open and bleeding across all my knuckles. I had this problem for six months straight with no relief. Doctors were not sure what was causing it. The first few days of the program were difficult as I felt very ill, but I understood toxins were being released from my body, so, in fact this was actually good. At the end of the first week I was headache free for the first time in years. I also noticed improvement in my hands. They were actually starting to heal. By the middle of the second week the pain in my back and shoulder area was subsiding. Now, after the three week program I am typing this letter with pain free healed hands! I also have no pain in my back or shoulder area and have been headache free for seventeen days.
Donna Minnick

...end of the first week ...headache free

...second week ...pain in my back and shoulder area was subsiding

Patient Testimonials
My Story
On August 6, 1998, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a forty three year old white female. Twenty years ago I was implanted with silicone breast implants. I was not having any known problems, however. I felt as if I was a picture of good health.

I have a very close friend who was also implanted shortly after I received mine in 1979. Hers ruptured five years after implantation, unknown to her. She started having all kinds of strange health problems that took her from one doctor's office to another. None of them knew what was wrong with her. One doctor diagnosed her with Cat

Scratch Fever. Another doctor performed a hysterectomy. All the while her symptoms continued. She had mammograms performed and was told that her implants were not ruptured. Still the health problems worsened. Finally after years of declining health she had implants removed only to find that they had no backs! Her lymph glands were full of silicone and her health problems still continue.

Needless to say, she was concerned about my twenty year old

implants. She gave me several books to read about the dangers of silicone implants as well as statistics about the rupture rate. All of this information had me concerned, but I wasn't the one with the health problems, or so I thought. I went to four different plastic surgeons to see if my concerns were legitimate, and all four confirmed the implants should be removed, even though my mammogram showed them intact and I was not having any known health problems.

I had the implants removed on August 4, 1998. The surgeon who performed the operation found
three very small tumors in my right breast. At the time she thought they were little drops of silicone because the right implant was ruptured. To be on the safe side, she sent the tissue to pathology to be tested. Neither of us expected the results to come back as infiltrating ductile carcinoma. The surgeon who performed the operation suggested I have a modified radical mastectomy followed by chemotherapy.

My husband and I are born again Christians and I knew the Lord had a plan for my life. I had no idea what that plan involved, but I knew it would work out for my good because Romans 8:28 says, "All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called, according to His purpose."

I prayed many times that God would be a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path (Psalm 119:105), and that He would go before me and make the crooked places straight (Isaiah 45:2). Isaiah 26:3 tells us that "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee. I claimed this verse from the beginning of my trial and I know that the perfect peace of God is ours if we will only claim it. I was very blessed to have so many people all over the country praying for me. I asked my family and my close friends to pray that I would find the right doctor and make the right choice on what type of treatment to receive. I told my daughters, my mother and my sister that I knew the Lord was leading me, and if the doctors recommended a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy then that is what I would do. I felt this was the direction I was being led and I wanted them to be prepared. It

Janet L. Reedy

...the surgeon... suggested... a modified radical mastectomy followed by chemotherapy

seemed strange to feel so peaceful at a time like this, but, having put our trust in the Lord, it shouldn't seem strange at all. Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Verse 19 states, "But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." I was confident God had control over this cancer in my body and He would surely supply all my needs.

Two days before my appointment with the oncologist, I was reading in Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book about the side effects of chemotherapy and how some women use natural medicine in conjunction with conventional medicine and some people use it as an alternative. I thought I could use it in conjunction with the conventional treatment of cancer. I knew the chemotherapy would make me very sick and I had recently read some promising articles about natural medicine helping to alleviate some of the bad side effects.

On August 18th, the day before my appointment with the oncologist, the Lord led me to a brave and dedicated medical doctor in Orlando, Florida, who also practices natural medicine. I proceeded to tell him about my concerns with chemotherapy and inquired if he could help me with the awful side effects. After hearing me out, he began to tell me about a cleansing program he had been using for over twenty years with the great success and about the many people he had helped rid their bodies of all types of disease including cancer, the natural way. I listened to his approach in dealing with the cause of cells turning cancerous. He briefly went over the three week program of fasting and cleansing. I knew the moment he finished his explanation that this was the treatment I wanted to receive. It all made so much sense. I told him I believed every word he said, but I didn't think my family would allow me to take this natural approach. After all, we were talking about CANCER!

On my way home I asked my good friend, who had accompanied me, to pray that if it was the Lord's will, He would make a way for me to try this nontoxic, natural approach with my cancer. When I got home and told my husband about this doctor's method of attacking cancer, I was prepared for him to say it was out of the question. But, much to my surprise, he said it sounded like a good program. He thought we should keep the appointment the following day with the oncologist and see what her recommendations were, then make our decision. That night I got a phone call from a doctor of natural medicine in Arkansas who told me he also used the natural approach to cleansing cancer and had seen it work many times. I gave him a description of the Orlando doctor's program and he said it sounded very much like his. He told me not to let the oncologist scare me to death, which is what they would do. He also told me that there were no guarantees with either choice, but the choice should be mine. I could not believe I had two people in the medical field in one day present me such similar methods of cleansing cancer.

Since that time I have read about many such cases of people being treated for cancer the natural way. There are clinics in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and all over Europe, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Canada. We used to have them in the USA. It is such a shame to live in a free country and yet we do not have the freedom to choose a medical facility to treat cancer in such a non-invasive, non-synthetic, nontoxic, natural way without the caregiver having the threat of being jailed or loosing a medical license. It is illegal to treat cancer in the United States unless one is a cancer specialist. I believe that we are putting the almighty dollar before the well being of the American people. I recently heard about a Dr. Clark who saved a young girl who had a cancerous tumor in her ankle. He was able to keep from

...we do not have the freedom to choose a medical facility to treat cancer in such a non-invasive, non-synthetic, non-toxic, natural way without the caregiver having the threat of being jailed or loosing a medical license.

                      amputating her leg below the knee by putting a black salve on the tumor and drawing the tumor out without surgery. This method has been used in some cultures for centuries. When she returned to the oncologist and told how the tumor had disappeared she was asked who helped her do this. When she told them about Dr. Clark the AMA swiftly took action to relieve him of his medical license. I also heard that he is now working in a clinic in Mexico. Every week I read new articles about alternative cancer treatments through detoxification, diet, immune stimulation and natural antitumor agents.

Last week on the television show 20/20, multimillionaire Michael Milken told the story of how conventional medicine was used to treat his prostate cancer with chemotherapy. After his treatment, he was given one year to live. He decided to take his health care into his own hands and through a natural holistic approach, he has been free from cancer for five years.

In a recent edition of Aim News magazine, Dr. Contreras states, "…that attention should be given to the close relationship between the disease and the host, and the principal focus should be on the patient, not the disease. The two fundamental principles should be, do no harm and love thyself. Conventional anticancer therapies have broken these principles." I also read a story in the November 1998 issue of the Alternative Medicine Magazine about one of the actors from Star Trek. It was reported that she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her arm. She also took the natural approach and is now cancer free.

Several days after my appointment with the natural method doctor, my sister sent me a letter written by a woman who had been diagnosed with exactly the same type of breast cancer as mine. She also was fortunate enough to have a friend tell her about a natural program to reverse it. She fasted, had colonic irrigations, changed her diet to strictly vegetarian, jumped on a rebounder daily to encourage oxygenation of her cells and started a good nutritional program involving juicing, herbs and vitamins. After six months on this program she sent a AMAS blood test to the Onco Lab in Boston. The result was "negative". It is a very
accurate test for picking up even a small amount of cancer in the body and has been very successful in detecting breast cancer. I could not believe the succession of events in just a couple of days. Praise God; His timing is perfect!

Conventional medical doctors led me to believe that the only wise choice for my type of cancer was to cut off my breast, take out half of my lymph glands (which leaves 40 to 45% of women with a condition called lymph edema, a very painful and lifelong misery) and then follow up with chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy, depending on what the lymph glands showed. It all seemed to go against nature. I found one thing troubling when I met with the oncologist. She told me that the very same cancer cell could reappear in my bones, in my other breast or in some other part of my body, even after going through all these invasive and toxic procedures.

I believe the American people should have the freedom to choose the natural or the conventional way and be able to have the medical profession help them either way. When I told the oncologist of my decision to try the natural way, she sent me a certified letter stating that if I chose this alternative cancer treatment, she would no longer be my doctor.

I pray that some day soon this will change and we can have natural health clinics where cancer can be treated in a nontoxic, natural way.

After three weeks on the natural program with the doctor in Orlando, I sent an AMAS blood test to the Onco Lab in Boston and it came back normal. The same results have continued in the year that has passed since that test. I give God all the glory, honor and praise for what has taken place in my life since I learned of the cancer. He has taken me every step of the way by His grace, more grace than I ever knew was possible, and He continues to show His mercy with every passing day.

Janet Reedy

AMAS blood test... came back normal

Patient Testimonials

Today I share with you the details of what has led me to a way of life that has enabled me to have much improved health and a quality of life of which I am thankful to God _ which would not have been possible had I not looked for God's direction.

A few months before I knew I had colon cancer in October, 1996, we had some friends from Chicago visit with us. They told us about a doctor in the Orlando area who had helped a lady, who had liver cancer twenty plus years ago, through nutritional/or natural counseling. She is now an octogenarian living in a nursing home. We found it rather remarkable, since usually liver cancer is quickly fatal. We also learned of another young man with Leukemia who went to see this doctor, having been told he had only months to live. He lived for ten years on the natural program, but decided to try other things and when he took other treatments and deserted the natural diet, he suffered kidney failure and died. I recently talked with his mother and she said she believed that if he had not gone off in favor of treatments that were not natural, he would still be alive, because he was fine as long has he stayed on the natural diet.

In January of 1997 I found out I had colon cancer. I was operated on January 21, 1997 and was found also to have cancer in ten of twenty-one lymph nodes in that area. Not too long after the surgery, a doctor visited my room who was not the surgeon. One of the first things he said on entering the room was that if I didn't follow his directions, I was going to die and that I needed chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He said that we must treat this aggressively and I must be scheduled to take the first treatment within a few weeks. When he said this, it did somewhat terrorize us. Then we asked him what the report said and he said he did not know, he hadn't had a chance to look at the


report yet. I told him I would think about what he said.

I remembered back to the visit we had with the friends from Chicago and what they had told us. I told my husband I wanted to pray and look into everything and keep an open mind before I made any decisions.

Trying to seek God's will for myself, I prayed as I normally do for God to direct me. I read some scriptures in the Bible that led me to believe that a natural diet would be God's answer. I began going to the health food stores and getting books on alternative therapies for cancer. I went to see this Doctor. Because he has studied the Bible regarding natural food and herbs, I do believe that he has the truth on this subject, and has reasoned this correctly.

Joyce L. Young

God did give the herb for a medicine, according to the Bible, and those who lived before the flood did live longer than any after the flood. They did not eat animals. It was proper, according the Bible, for mankind to eat meat because God said after the flood that man could eat meat. However, I believe that now meat is polluted with chemicals and unsanitary methods, dyes and so forth, to the point that animals and animal products cause disease. It is no longer safe to eat meat.

My studies confirm that the natural foods and herbs mentioned in the Bible do strengthen the body and the immune system which fights off disease. The proof has been in my well being and quality of life. It has now been over twenty one months since I went through the natural cleansing program. My blood tests and MRI confirm that there is no evidence of cancer present. People comment on how healthy I look.

To God be the glory for the things he has done and will do for all mankind because "GOD IS LOVE" - 1 John 4:8.

My blood tests and MRI confirm that there is no evidence of cancer present.


Patient Testimonials
God Sent a Man

Where do I begin? God put a man in my life to whom He has given the gift of a healing ministry. About eleven years ago I was shooting a commercial when I had a bike accident and came down hard on the concrete on my right side. The ambulance had already left for the day and I didn't want to go to the hospital. I was black and blue on the entire right side of my body and was very sore for a few weeks. I thought nothing of it at the time. About six months later, I started to notice that my knee would get very tight when I bent down at work and shooting pain would go all through my leg. I woke up one morning to discover my entire leg was three times normal size. It scared me so much! I didn't know what was happening. I went to the doctor and he drained my knee and found out that I had been bleeding inside for months. Blood was mixed in all the fluid he drained from my leg. The blood was tested and at that point I was diagnosed with lupus and polyarthritis. In addition I was found to have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis also. I don't know if the accident brought it on or if I had had it for years.

That was the beginning of my life of pain and it continued that way every day for the next eleven years. Taking three different kinds of medicine and eating quantities of extra strength Tylenol became a way of life. My three different rheumatologists over the past eleven years always told me there was no cure for lupus or polyarthritis and I would have to stay on the medicine for the rest of my life.

It is at this point that a very different kind of doctor comes into my story. I had heard about him through my husband's company Christmas party. God works in wonderful ways. A woman at the party who, I learned, had cancer, was seeing this doctor for a special cleansing program. At her encouragement I scheduled an appointment the next week for a consultation. After talking to the doctor and hearing of other very encouraging case histories, I decided to go on the natural program for four weeks.

On the very first day of treatment I stopped taking all of my medicine. The first few days were rough. My body was filled with drugs and I could only imagine what a drug addict must feel, quitting "cold turkey". But, praise be to God, the discomfort lasted only two weeks. Each week thereafter I could tell there was a change in my body. The joints were no longer as stiff. The aching in my back went away.
Gradually the pain in my hip started leaving. The damage that had been done to my gums healed and the awful pain in my right leg became less and less. All this was taking place after just two weeks on the program!

Six weeks later I left the program, taking no medicine, having no back pain, no joint pain and feeling that the Lord had given me back my life. I have more energy than I have ever had before. As I said, God sent a man. Thank you, Doctor! I will always be grateful to you and your ministry. I will never forget that God has made a perfect body and He expects me to take care of it. And I will, through His power. I thank Him for my second chance.

Saneen Cochran, Orlando, Florida

Six weeks later I left the program, taking no medicine, having no back pain, no joint pain and feeling that the Lord had given me back my life.


Patient Testimonials
A Million Dollar Value
I am a twenty-three year old female and for quite a while I have felt as if I were ten times my age. I suffered from migraines, TMJ, severe anxiety, depression and a chronic upset stomach, which caused me to feel uncomfortable just leaving my house. I was always encouraged to take Buspar, Librax, Prilosec, etc., but these always came with unpleasant side effects and made me feel worse. I found myself crying over any and everything, all the way from TV commercials to children just walking down the street. I knew there was something wrong. I felt like I was not myself, nor did I have any control over my feelings. It was a vicious cycle from which I begged to be cut loose. I could not pinpoint what the exact problem was. I felt an all over fatigue with no signs of hope or enjoyment of life itself. I found out about this doctor through a friend who had been healed of breast cancer by his natural program. He got my blood work done and the results showed my total bilirubin was 2.1 when the normal range should have been between 0.5 and 1.2. The doctor explained to me that high bilirubin indicates the liver is full of toxins.

By my last week of the program my bilirubin had decreased to 1.2. I have not experienced a migraine or any discomfort in my jaw since then.

I have been waking up and actually thanking the Lord for the day instead of wishing not to see the light of day. The feeling of fatigue is gone. I take my children places now by choice, not out of duty, and it is such a joy. My mind just seems so much clearer. I do not feel as if I am walking around in a fog any more. Once I began to speak openly about these problems I realized that there are so many who suffer just like me and are settling with the fact that "pills" are their only hope. I have now experienced that "pills" are not the only way and I am living proof that one can be set free of many discomforts by following the juice program. I praise my Lord Jesus for this wonderful change I am feeling and I thank the doctor for helping me achieve this life I never thought I would experience again. The is program does have a "million dollar value." J


Heather Lizardi

A Teacher Gets Help

In Korea, Suk Tae Jing was a successful instructor of the marshal arts, Judo and Taekwando. His life was a very good one until his mother suffered a stroke that partially paralyzed her. The doctors said that her blood pressure had been very high, causing a blood clot in her brain. Eventually she died in his arms at age seventy. In the late 1990's Mr. Suk moved to America to establish his own school. Since beef was not readily available in Korea, he reveled in the ease with which he could acquire it here. He purchased it by the side and rarely did he miss eating large, meat heavy meals. His weight soon rose to 230 pounds.

One day at his school he experienced a severe headache that would not respond to the usual over-the-counter remedies. He decided to call his doctor, who was also one of his students. The doctor came and took his blood pressure. It was 210 over 100! "Are you upset over anything?" he asked. "No," was Mr. Suk's answer. "How about your business.
...his blood pressure

...was 210 over 100

Patient Testimonials

A Teacher Gets Help, Cont'd.

Is it going well?" he probed. "Everything is fine." Mr. Suk insisted.

A Teacher Gets Help

Then he realized that the doctor was trying to find a reason for his blood pressure being so high. He told the doctor about his mother. "That explains it," was the doctor's reply. "Your problem is hereditary." He never asked about Mr. Suk's diet, but prescribed three pills to be taken each day for the rest of his life. In addition, he warned him about eating salt and sugar, but said nothing about eliminating meat from his diet, only perhaps cutting down a bit.

As time went on, Mr. Suk moved to Orlando, Florida where he renewed acquaintance with a doctor who had been a senior in the high school in Korea when Mr. Suk was a freshman. After an enjoyable visit the doctor asked him how his health was. "It is fine, except that I have hereditary high blood pressure. Six of my mother's seven children suffer from it and I will have to take medicine for it the rest of my life."

At that the doctor began to question Mr. Suk about his eating habits. When he finished, he said, "Would you like to be able to stop taking the medicine? Did you know that pharmacists will not take beta blockers (blood pressure medicine) because they know they are poison?" This surprised Mr. Suk. The doctor explained that if he would follow instructions, he could bring his blood pressure down and keep it down without medicine.

Mr. Suk asked for time to think about the doctor's plan. He went home and pondered what he had been told. He experienced real fear, remembering his mother and how she had suffered. Would the doctor's plan work?

The next day he made his decision. He would give the program a try. The doctor instructed him to stop eating all meat, dairy products and junk food. He would have to gradually go off the blood pressure medicine to avoid damage to his heart. Next he would go on a juice fast for two weeks and begin a program of regular physical exercise. Though he did not care for jogging, the doctor told him to run four or five miles a day, every day. All of these things Mr. Suk did faithfully and it paid off. Now at fifty-eight years of age he is in the peak of health, weighing 155 pounds (exactly what he weighed in the eleventh grade in high school). What's more, his blood pressure is a consistent 90 over 60 without the "benefit" of medication.

Mr. Suk

Praise and Honor to a Very Awesome God

My name is Reva. I grew up in a Seventh Day Adventist home in the Philippines and married my husband Edwin twenty-two years ago. One day after a visit to my prayer partner, I received a call on my car phone. It was my oldest son with shocking news, "Daddy is in the emergency room! He had a seizure."
In the emergency room I was informed that the mad, screaming man inside was my husband. I had to wait for over an hour as they tried to sedate him. But the screaming continued. I was told that it was a reaction to the seizure. I still couldn't understand what caused it. At length, the medical team had to knock him out completely. They placed him on a ventilator so that neurological tests could be done. I was relieved to see him completely out, thinking that at least he wasn't hurting. But this "no-feeling" state came with a price, for he stayed in a coma for four days. During the first two days I was in shock and completely numb. I still couldn't believe what was happening.

After four days of prayer, the family had just left the intensive care unit and returned home. The phone was ringing and the nurse on the other end informed me that someone wanted to talk to me. It was Edwin! His voice was hoarse and weak, but what joy!

We were told it was a viral infection that would pass in a few weeks. Yet something

was telling me, "What if it's something more? Like a brain tumor?" The answer came when we received the results of Edwin's MRI. It was a malignant tumor as big as a fist, infiltrating the left temporal lobe of his brain. The neurologist explained that it more likely was the kind of tumor that goes very quickly and does not respond to radiation or chemotherapy. My husband was told to go home and work on his disability papers because it would not be long before he would become very debilitated. When Edwin asked if there was hope if he would change his diet, he was told, "If I were you, I'd go home and eat anything I want." It was if he were saying, "There's no use, enjoy yourself in the little time you have left."

The prayers increased in earnest. Many, many were praying for Edwin. A week later he was admitted to the hospital, only to be told by the neurosurgeon the final diagnosis: TERMINAL. There was nothing else they could do for him. He was given one to six months to live!

My sons and I cried, talked and prayed, concluding with peace in our hearts. We believed that Jesus would heal Daddy.

The Lord's answer to our dilemma came the next day. There is a verse in Isaiah 65:24 that says
"Before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear". My ex-sister-in-law, whom I had not heard from in seventeen years, got news of Edwin's illness. She called to tell me about an unusual doctor in Orlando, Florida. After many prayers, Edwin decided to call him and then went to Orlando. I followed four days later.

Three months after being told there was no hope, Edwin, has no more cancer symptoms, not even a headache. He has never missed a day of work since he returned from Orlando. I believe in my heart that he has been healed by the Lord. He has a lot of energy and looks great. People can not believe he looks so good. With the strict vegetarian diet, the juices, the herbs and, best of all the grace of our loving Jesus, he is well today.

Edwin is happy to work for the Lord. He finds time to mow the church lawn, and this is supposed to be the man who should be very debilitated. Praises to God and glory and honor to Him! During this whole ordeal, the Lord has taken from me and my sons the fear and the worry. People at work cannot believe that I'm taking this very well. "She's in denial!" I overheard someone say. Why should I worry and be afraid when the fear is not there? I no longer think of Edwin as having a diseased brain. Indeed, praises to Him alone, for what an awesome God we have!

...malignant tumor as big as a fist, infiltrating the left temporal lobe of his brain

...the final diagnosis: TERMINAL

...one to six months to live


Patient Testimonials
Pain Beyond Belief
I am a sixty-six year old male. Almost nine years ago I had a disk in my neck herniate, between cervical vertebrae six and seven. I went from physician to physician, general practitioner to chiropractic doctor, orthopedic specialist to neurosurgeon, receiving the strongest pain killers known to man. All of which did nothing to alleviate my pain and I was left facing an operation with a slim chance of success. Bone spurs had done their damage on two places of my spinal cord, as indicated by an MRI. The pain was like an electric cow prod on the "crazy bone" of my left elbow. What's more, I'm left handed! After six weeks of going without sleep, I decided to go for the operation, regardless of the outcome. Friends asked if I had considered natural medicine and suggested a physician in Winter Park, Florida. This is where my "miracle" began.

Within only minutes of arriving at the doctor's office, I slept for the first time in all those pain-ridden weeks. While reassuring me, he was treating me, allowing me to lie down and fall asleep. He told my wife to let me sleep; he would return later. This was the beginning of a long recovery, a change of diet and a wonderful friendship. In the ensuing years, I lost another disk between C5 and C6, but he has kept the pain under control. I've progressed from two double treatments per day to one single treatment per month. I know my limitations and can live a relatively pain free life now.

Thank you, Doctor, my physician and my friend!

Dan Martin


Lupus Symptoms Disappear
In 1987 I was diagnosed with Systemic lupus, called SLE. It took a long list of medical tests and many years of suffering for the determination to be made. I was prescribed prednisone, and many antiinflammatory drugs through the years. I became aware that people who took the drugs did not seem to get along any better than the people who did not take them, so I began to try and do without the drugs. I did have major flair ups requiring me to go back on the steroids for up to several weeks at a time, though I always tried to taper off and stay off as long as I could. Plaquanil was also a drug that helped only for a time but eventually caused severe gastric distress.

In 1990 I had to resign my job because of the uncertainty of my health. There was no consistency to the good days and bad. I was now able to rest more

and exercise more and to a certain extent I had learned to manage my illness. I still had a constant pain in my back and much joint pain and the right leg was always inflamed.

In November of 1999 I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in my throat. It was on the lingual tonsil and falling across the back of my tongue. The epiglottic folds were involved as well. I was told that because of my lupus I had only a 50% chance of making it through to completion on the radiation which they recommended. This would mean a probable death sentence, since once radiation treatment is stopped, it cannot be resumed. A good friend offered for me to go to a cleansing program offered by a doctor in Winter Park. She said I could do any other treatment I wanted to do, but she would pay for me to go through this program and get the help I needed to bring the lupus under control. On November 8, 1999, just five days after my biopsy and three weeks before radiation I started the program. I was a very sick person when I began the program. My friend also supplied a series of special neutraceutical supplements. One week into the program I was off all medication and have not suffered from lupus symptoms since. I finished 39 treatments of radiation. I was on the doctor's cleansing program for six full weeks. Then I went back after radiation for two more weeks. It has been five full months now and I have not experienced any symptoms from the lupus and have not so much as had one aspirin since the first week. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the great physician. I also believe He sent me to this doctor. Christ is my Lord and I know if I am to recover from the cancer it is up to Him. The oncologist told me on the last visit that he does not see one sign of the tumor in my throat. I will have a cat scan in a couple of months. It is amazing to me that a person could be in so much pain and be free of it as I am with no medication. I thank God for this and I thank my friends and the doctor for this gift.

Edith F. Edwards

One week into the program I was off all medication and have not suffered from lupus symptoms since.

Edith Edwards

...have not so much as had one aspirin since the first week.


A Testimony by Judy Meza

In 1997 I found a very painful lump on my left groin area. I thought it was a hernia, so I went to a worker's compensation doctor. He told me it was only a swollen lymph node and an antibiotic would take care of it. Within seven days the lump had grown double in size and I was suffering from a high fever and headaches, not to mention a lot of pain. After a visit to my personal physician, he decided it was imperative to remove the lymph node immediately. About three weeks later I was told they had sent the lymph node to be tested by a pathologist, and the result was non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I went through six sessions of CHOP chemotherapy and radiation. I was told I was in remission on Thanksgiving of 1997, so I returned to my regular life.

In 1999 a boil grew to the size of a silver dollar and another to the size of a half dollar. The larger was located in my abdomen, the other in the right groin area. Again my doctor decided it needed to be removed, and again the biopsy revealed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Needless to say, I was devastated much more than the first time. It was decided to follow the same protocol as before—six sessions of CHOP chemotherapy—which ended in February 2000. Unfortunately approximately six weeks later another boil appeared. This time on my right breast. I was asked to take the usual tests—blood, CT, gallium etc. A punch biopsy was also taken of the boil.

To add to my confusion, all the tests did not show any sign of cancer, except for the biopsy. This time I was referred to the City of Hope for a stem cell transplant. Obviously that scared me tremendously, and the odds that were presented did not give me any comfort; quite the contrary. But against my own intuition, I decided that was the only way to go. The first step would be another session of chemotherapy. This one was ESHAP treatment for 1 week, every day. Fortunately, I did not react well to the treatment, which I now believed was the Holy Spirit trying to get my attention. I pulled out of the treatment and prayed for guidance to a better way to fight this cancer.

A friend of my mother faxed a newsletter article that featured Dr. Im. One day later we were on a plane to Washington. I truly believe God heard my prayer and answered it with that fax.

When we arrived, I was pretty worn out, weak and short of breath. I could not even help with my own luggage. After two weeks on the program I was walking approximately three miles a day. After six weeks on the program, I could walk approximately five miles a day, and do some light jogging. I felt better than I had in a long time. I praise the Lord for giving the opportunity to overcome the disease by following the teachings of His loyal servant, Dr. Im.

I know that I have not been miraculously healed, but rather been given the tools to help my body fight the cancer and to keep my faith where it belongs!


Man's Extremity Is God's Opportunity

George was a 12-year-old boy living in London when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a dreaded kind of cancer which typically attacks the lymph nodes, spleen, and liver.

After the diagnosis, he was treated for the next 6 months with chemotherapy, which was followed by a 3-month remission of the disease.

However, he again went back into a relapse. His condition was then treated with 3 more months of chemotherapy, followed by 1 month of radiation therapy. George again went into remission—this time for 9 months, after which he again went into relapse.

About that time George, his mother, his brother, and his sister traveled to the United States for a vacation with their father, who was studying in New Jersey.

In New Jersey, George was tested for cancer, and he tested positive. There he was again treated with chemotherapy for the next 6 months. He was subsequently given an assessment of his state of health by his doctors.

They found the following condition: The cancer was growing in the lungs, chest, spleen, abdomen, and was pressing heavily on his back and his swollen kidneys and bladder. All of this was causing excruciating pain, though George was on morphine, 5 adult pain patches, and steroids.

His doctors told him that the medication and treatments were not working, and that the cancer was growing, even while the chemotherapy was being given. He was further told that his badly swollen kidneys could fail any time. In conclusion, the doctors told George that he was dying, and they recom
mended that he return to his home in London before he became too weak to travel. There was no hope.

However, his mother came from London to the United States where his parents, in consultation with George, contemplated taking him to some natural-healing institution—such as Uchee Pines, Wildwood, or Weimar—for treatments.

In their great love for Jesus and George, and with their great faith in the truth as so abundantly given by God to His Church, his parents knelt and prayed most earnestly to God for His guidance in that critical hour.

While contemplating where to take their son for treatment, a most remarkable and enlightening experience came to his mother. The Lord spoke to her in a dream. She was to take George to a place for natural healing treatments—the message was clear! In her vivid dream she was shown the place—a building with many windows, around many trees, and located at the end of a road. She was also told that the leaves of trees [herbs] would be used in the treatment of George. She was very anxious to see that place! What was this place that God had showed her in the dream? She was puzzled.

George Camerra, Jr. with his father
Then George's friend who had seen Dr. Im's interview on 3ABN gave George's father a copy of the testimonials. She also told him how to get in touch with Dr. Im. He then called Dr. Sung Im at The Cleansing Way Lifestyle Missionary Institute. Dr. Im explained to George's father about the cleansing program.

Having great faith in God and desperate to help her son, George's mother flew to Seattle with George and arrived at the institute. Yes, the building and surroundings were exactly what she had seen in her dream!

George, by then 15 years old, was in excruciating pain, short of breath, with almost no energy, no appetite, suffering severe insomnia, and unable to walk more than a few yards. The case looked totally hopeless. Yet, did George give up?—No, he still had great faith that the Lord would heal him!

George began the first 3-week session on March 11, 2001. Before the end of the first week, he stopped taking steroids, but was still on painkillers, which he took every other day. Then at the end of the first session (3 weeks), the pain subsided, and George was able to get off of all painkillers, because he had only mild abdominal pain.

During the first week of the second session, which started April 8, 2001, all pain disappeared from his abdomen. In fact, he had no pain at all in his entire body! Then, too, he was able to walk over 1 mile a day! His appetite and energy came back, and he was able to sleep all night with no problems. According to his mother, he made "great improvement" and was getting "better every day."

George is most thankful to Jesus, the Great Physician, for the healing, and to his parents and the rest of his family, to the church members in London, New Jersey, and around the world for their prayers and for the financial support of a church in London and friends and relatives in New Jersey—all of which contributed to the cause of healing him and saving his life.

As I looked into the face of this young man, I exclaimed, "I feel like I am looking into face of someone who has just returned form the dead!"

George's mother gave the following testimony: "God has revealed Himself to us in this place in a mighty way! I am encouraging every sick person to come to this lifestyle center. The presentations are Spirit-filled and the healing is from Above. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless Dr. Im and Peggy for their willingness to be used by Him."


The Best Investment of My Life
About twenty-five years ago I, Nevin Murphy of Eureka, California, USA., had cancer of the bladder which was operated upon. The surgery was followed by six weeks of radiation therapy—which caused many problems. The radiation seriously damaged my colon, causing uncontrollable leakage of a section of my large intestines. I had great difficulty dealing with this problem.

About five years ago I began bleeding from the rectum. My doctors did an examination of my colon, but they could not go up into my colon very far because the radiation had reduced the size of my colon so much that they could not complete the examination.

Also I experienced reduced blood pressure in both of my legs. After testing the arteries of my legs, using dye, the doctors found a blockage of the artery in my right leg. Additionally, they found no flow of blood

at all in my left leg. My feet were blue and purple, as were also my hands.

The prognosis at that time was that if I did not have something done for the condition in my left leg, the doctors would have to amputate it.

The tests further showed problems in my spinal area. In March of 2001 the doctors proposed to put two new arteries down from my spine into my legs—one down each leg. However, there was no assurance of favorable results from this proposed surgery. I considered the proposal and turned it down.

Nevin Murphy

Patient Testimonials

Previously I had seen an interview with Dr. Sung Im on the Three Angels Broadcasting Network. In this interview Dr. Im talked about the outstanding results he had obtained using natural healing methods. Most of his patients were considered to be hopeless cases—doomed to die soon.

I called Dr. Im and made arrangements to attend the next seminar at The Cleansing Way Lifestyle Missionary Institute. At the age of 76, I came to the institute on April 8, 2001, to begin the program of 19 days duration.

Dr. Im starts his seminars using lectures to inform his patients of the medical rationale for the raw juice and herbal therapy, and he also gives Bible references for the way to find God's help. All healing experienced at The Cleansing Way is credited to God's intervention. Dr. Im offers prayer for each patient and his family before and after each lecture, thus insuring all that God knows their needs.

Within about 10 days of my arrival at the institute I noticed the following changes in my condition:

1. The colon leakage stopped, and for the first time in 26 years I was able to control my bowels.

2. The blood flow from my rectum stopped.

3. The color of my skin changed from "pasty" to a healthy glow.

By the end of the 19th day of the seminar I no
ticed the following additional changes:

1. My blood pressure went down from 195/105 to 140/90. (This result was achieved without any blood pressure medication.)

2. The color of my feet and hands went from blue and purple to a normal healthy color.

3. My walking capacity increased from 0.2 miles to 3.4 miles per day.

I am most grateful for the tremendous help I have received at the Cleansing Way Lifestyle Missionary Institute. My improved health is truly a miracle! I invested a modest sum in the ministry offered by The Cleansing Way Lifestyle. I received rest to help remove the stress, and juices and herbs to treat my problems. Dr. Im's lectures consist of the medical reasons for his treatments and the need for all to seek Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to help heal their sin and sickness. I found effective treatments and the way to seek God's help in finding spiritual renewal. Therefore, there was a twofold return from my investment. This has been the best investment I ever made in my life!

God has been good to me, and I look forward to more improvement in all phases of my life. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To our wonderful Lord, the Great Physician of heaven, be all the glory! Praise be unto Him forever!

Our Goal

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." Proverbs 17:22


Our goal is to encourage everyone toward optimum health and quality of life through cleansing the whole body of poisons. When allowed to remain in the various systems of the body, such poisons can cause disease, pain, and sickness. We seek to eliminate them, thereby restoring a healthy balance throughout the body. This is accomplished by a cleansing process (which helps rid the body of unhealthy toxins), along with nutritional counseling and monitoring to achieve and maintain maximum health and quality of life.

Through reasoning and understanding of what constitutes a healthy cell and healthy immune system as well as the right nutritional balance, amazing results can be achieved in a relatively short time. Many people have found that once these processes occur, as demonstrated by the testimonials herein, their sicknesses simply disappear. We apply sound health and nutritional principles, found in God's Word, the Bible, along with a knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, gained through years of medical practice.


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